4 Ways Tech Downtime Kills your Customers Productivity

In our technology-saturated world, few things can kill small business productivity like tech downtime. As managed service providers (MSPs) know, when servers, hardware, or software fail, their partners can’t complete invoices, communicate with staff and customers, share data, and use the key applications that they count on to keep their businesses running. While tech downtime can hurt your partners’ productivity in many ways, here are four problems that MSPs are likely to face:

    • Network downtime. Problems with hardware or software can temporarily take down small-business networks, crippling operations. Trouble can arise at many levels and often involves routers, switches, and firewalls. Malware can also hobble networks, especially ones that aren’t sufficiently secured, and denial of service attacks can make critical resources inaccessible to partners’ clients and employees alike.

    • Application downtime. Server problems can take down applications critical to a small business’ web presence and day-to-day operations. Even regular server updating and maintenance can make applications inaccessible, frustrating clients and hurting their bottom line.

    • Unreachable databases. Many small businesses have unique databases that hold the data they need to function. If hardware or software failure causes these databases to be unreachable, your clients may not be able to access their most critical, sensitive information.

    • Communication and messaging system failures. Small business employees need to be in constant electronic contact. Server failures or Exchange/Outlook software failures can disable communication and messaging systems, including email, instant messaging, and collaboration software, making rendering efficient business operations impossible.

Your small business partners rely on your expertise to resolve problems like these professionally and efficiently so that they can return to full productivity as soon as possible. Developing strong practices to preempt hardware and software failure and to minimize tech downtime when it does occur is critical to your partners’ success—and to your own business growth.

NetEnrich is here to help, of course. Our small business services are designed to manage and monitor your customer networks with minimal cost and prevent failures like those mentioned above.