A Spurt in Cloud based Services…

Gartner’s special report confirms that services delivered from the cloud will triple in many segments by 2013. Gartner defines cloud computing as a style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service” using Internet technologies to multiple external customers. “To be able to provide massively scalable processing, storage, bandwidth which is inherent in cloud computing will require security controls and functions to be delivered to customers in new ways by new service providers”, says a principal analyst at Gartner. While service offerings such as SFDC and Google Apps see a spike, so will the need for enterprises to place security controls. So, authentication, data loss prevention, intrusion prevention, network access control and vulnerability management become mission critical.

NetEnrich offers datacenter transformation services to its customers by deploying its exclusive monitoring technology in the datacenter racks to remotely manage all sorts of devices. This remote monitoring happens through 24/7 Global NOCs where our certified engineers can gain access to almost any device instantaneously.

We boast of an advanced ticketing system that handles both automated incidents (e.g. generated from one of our monitoring agents) and service requests such as adds, moves and changes or more extensive project work. Our ticketing system incorporates change control process for any configuration changes that need to be made within your environment – all handled from the cloud!



The key component to succeed in providing the most efficient cloud services is to become a trusted brand with top notch security controls. Inexpensive cloud based computing will make it easier and cheaper to break the encryptions and find more vulnerabilities. The security standards need to be absolutely robust with zero scope for breakdown and NetEnrich’s’ Virtual Private Management Gateway provides just that.



For more information about Cloud based services download our white paper on VPMG technology: