Are You a Slacker or a Managed Services Pro? You Decide.

We’ve heard from many partners that this year has been their best yet.  However, as the holidays approach, it’s easy to slack off or sit back on your laurels if you’ve had a successful year.  But we’d like to propose another approach: Dig in now to prepare for next year’s victories.

Therefore, we’re launching a Business Development series, or BIZ DEV Series of blog posts, webinars and discussions.  Over the next three months we will feature experts, fellow peers and guests who will share what works, and what doesn’t work for marketing, pricing and selling managed services.  We’d like to bet that 2012 could be even better than this year with a little hard work and some creativity.

If you are clamoring for more marketing insight, join us on November 1st when Dennis Crupi, director of creative services for Ingram Micro, shares his advice on branding, positioning and packaging your managed services business in a way that communicates the passion and expertise you deliver to clients every day.

Once we have your creative juices flowing, let’s talk about filling that pipeline with prospects and value-pricing your managed services in a way to drive more profit to your bottom line. In our November webinar, we’ll discuss ways to price and package your services, plus unique approaches to bundling your services offering. Then in December, you’ll be ready to face the New Year after our webinar on consultative sales best practices and tips for driving a higher rate of services sales.

Why all this business development talk? Because if you start 2012 with a heavy foot on the sales and marketing pedal, you are laying down the foundation for a successful – and profitable – new year.