Are you a Unified Communications trendsetter or is your competition?

Offer more advanced technologies and value with your Network Infrastructure business without incurring heavy internal costs

Digital voice, HD teleconferencing, collaboration and presence-aware apps (as well as conventional IP traffic) are all creating additional burdens on IT support teams, and for the solution providers who service them.

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but VoIP and IP-PBX systems are the new normal – local networks have finally converged with voice. It’s a good and bad thing, depending upon how you look at it. Since you know networking and have the chops to support large, complex installations, you’re uniquely positioned to support network infrastructure managed services for Cisco, Juniper or other installations.

Real Opportunities, Right Now

It’s now time for service providers to capitalize on new opportunities related to increased management and maintenance tasks.

The question is. how do you offer services to support this huge market while avoiding major service headaches?

NetEnrich Helps You Maintain Control While Boosting Revenue Potential
NetEnrich’s Networking Practice helps you support the increased performance demands your end clients face with VoIP and traditional network infrastructures, without throwing legions of costly resources at the project.

Three options, AID, MANAGE and On Demand, allow you to customize support for your individual accounts and end businesses. AID delivers remote managed monitoring and alert triage, ISP vendor management, proactive infrastructure checks, asset inventory, and reporting via a secure web portal – all on your behalf, under your brand and company name.

MANAGE adds another layer of services focused on deep remediation, troubleshooting, and proactive remote network infrastructure management services – all critical, but time-consuming work that tends to tie up your IT engineers at a less than desirable billable rate.

With ‘On Demand,’ you choose your solutions as needs arise.

Either way, with NetEnrich’s people, proven processes and enterprise-class technology, you have an easy avenue for managing complex, demanding environments without adding costs. NetEnrich’s Services Gateway will also give your engineers the visibility and reporting to keep everything under control with your clients.

Lose the pain, keep control, gain perspective and be better with NetEnrich.

“The NetEnrich efforts reinforce a larger trend within the managed services market. A growing number of MSPs are blending unified communications product sales with proactive managed services.  The trend was widely discussed…at Cisco Partner Summit.” – Joe Panettieri, in the MSPs Rolling Out Unified Communications VoIP blog posted on March 8.

More information on our Networking Practice services will be discussed in an upcoming webcast]. Please feel free to ask questions or comment below, too.

And, be sure to sign up for our latest Cisco infrastructure support webinar being held live on April 12 at 12:30p EDT/9:30a PDT: How to Build a Network Managed Services Practice without Losing your Shirt with NetEnrich partner, Donn Smith of Direct Hit Technologies and our VP Jeff Jaycox.