Are You Getting Squeezed?

Many of today’s IT organizations are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they must quickly learn to navigate the complexities associated with IT modernization. While, on the other hand, they are attending to the daily, hourly and sometimes minute-to-minute demands of the enterprise business units, or EBUs, they serve. To further complicate matters, IT executives are increasingly under pressure to become more innovative and influence the way the business is leveraging cloud, virtualization and other new and emerging technologies.

With pressure coming from all of these directions, IT is getting squeezed, and something has got to give. Time is running out, and if IT departments don’t keep pace with these growing demands, performance will undoubtedly slip, costs will go up, and IT executives will be left holding the bag.

But this painful scenario doesn’t have to become reality – for any IT organization.

The fact of the matter is that EBUs don’t really care much about blinking lights, port interface statistics on a router, or that a server’s memory has reached capacity. And, when a system goes down, they don’t care about the troubleshooting and prevention tactics. It’s about getting the system back online. Now.

What EBUs and the executive management do care about, in addition to the secure, 24×7 availability of critical business applications, are business metrics. By analyzing business metrics, an organization’s executive management team can better understand why downtime is occurring in their business. These metrics can also provide better insights on how much the downtime is costing them in lost productivity and revenues, and what IT is doing to fix the problem. 

The bottom line is that IT shouldn’t discount the value of business metrics. But, they do need the proper tools to support the gathering of business metrics. Furthermore, to keep from getting squeezed further, IT organizations can also benefit from automation, analytics, and an elastic shared services model that supports a single, tell-all dashboard that not only ensures that IT have 24×7 visibility into their organizations’ entire IT infrastructure, but also supports continual improvement of IT processes.

NetEnrich’s Enterprise Command Center (ECC) addresses all these requirements, and much more, by empowering IT take back control over their IT operations, and achieve greater relevance to the business.

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– Chris Joseph