Automate by Partnering Up and Expanding Beyond your Core Skill Sets

NetEnrich’s “Closet to Cloud” offerings help you lower your monthly IT support costs while ramping up capability. We categorize things into two separate service buckets –  Networking Practice and Cloud Practice.

These services give you predictable, low-cost monthly IT support for networking, VoIP, mobile, storage, virtualization and more. You can then quickly optimize operations and grow your business without adding staff, payroll chores or more benefits responsibilities. Gene Marks recently a general piece about this phenomenon for Forbes – the title’s a bit sensational, but it nails the technology issue on the head: 9.2% Unemployment? Blame Microsoft.

Networking and/or Cloud Services

The NetEnrich Networking Practice delivers an expert, secure operations center fully staffed 24/7. We provide managed networking services that can augment any Unified Communications (UC) offering you provide, for example. Features include:

    • Proven managed services processes

    • Industry leading, expert engineers

    • Bullet-proof, constantly updated technologies

We’re essentially optimizing services for you, so you can develop recurring revenue and profit margins. That’s a lot of 02.

The whole “closet to cloud” strategy gives you the freedom to manage technology remotely, regardless of where it exists. The services could be “in the cloud,” hosted in a data center, or within on-premise servers. Wherever the software and infrastructure exists, you manage it remotely with NetEnrich.

The NetEnrich Cloud Practice offers remote management, maintenance/monitoring and SOP remediation for cloud applications. Features include full remediation and root cause analysis services (ISP management, too).  You get access to expert NetEnrich IT staff experienced with managing large cloud environments. We use proven ITIL processes that scale for faster new client onboarding and instant managed services support. Monthly executive and engineering reports provide detail on application performance, reliability and service activity, which helps you further optimize operations.

With our hourly subscription model, you can also block out time for us to work on your customers’ complex cloud computing initiatives. We call this CloudRSA On Demand.

Designed with you in Mind

All the services we offer are designed for you. We’re constantly obsessing about new ways to boost your bottom line and build your business. (Keep in mind, any of these services can be modified to meet the exacting requirements of your customer.)

Are there other ways we can help support your efforts? Are you seeing traction in the cloud markets?

Please comment below and share your insights. Much thanks.