Capacity management in IT Infrastructure monitoring – Measuring what matters!

Organizations are seriously hindered in managing their IT Infrastructure for optimal CAPEX and OPEX by their inability to answer the most basic questions about IT infrastructure resource usage. This inability to identify and monitor resource usage leads to a number of problems.


System downtime increases due to unanticipated resource constraints. Even before that application performance may suffer as the applications begin to run short of system resources. Administrative overhead increases as staff scramble find, deploy, and reallocate resources. Meanwhile the organization’s work is being disrupted.


Capacity management addresses the entire end to-end IT infrastructure of servers, switches, various appliances, network bandwidth, and applications. Effective capacity management must keep pace with the growth of all the elements of the IT infrastructure. It also must take into account business and market factors that can impact infrastructure performance and availability

What are tools available for successful capacity management.

What are some of the most critical implementations in running smooth IT infrastructure operations? Datacenter TCO, security management, IT governance, IT service management, server utilization and consolidation, custom applications, help desk, storage consolidation and IT outsourcing?


Server utilization, power consumption, and application uptime appear on many IT dashboards. While these are certainly important, what really matters is how the IT infrastructure supports the business goals. Business owners care about:

    • Availability – can my users access the applications they need?

    • Performance – does the application deliver an acceptable response time?

    • Data accuracy – does the application maintain data integrity?


Again, tracking these business-focused metrics is harder than focusing on ones that are easy to gather. But, the right management software and some automated processes make it straight forward to create meaningful IT dashboards. Will NetEnrich be able to measure what matters to you?