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Keeping Joplin In Our Sights

It’s been about three months since NetEnrich announced its intent to donate 5% of new revenue generated by Ingram Micro VTN members to support the staggering rebuilding needs of residents in Joplin, MO., the site of a rare Class 5 tornado that left an enormous scar across that city on May 22, 2011. The unprecedented storm killed 162 people and caused catastrophic devastation, including millions in damage and thousands of homes destroyed. Our goal when we announced this incentive program was — and remains — raising enough money to offset the cost of  building a Habitat for Humanity home in Joplin.


Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see the Joplin devastation firsthand, hosted by Jane Cage, COO of Heartland Technologies Solutions (HTS), who is both a VTN member and chair of the Joplin Citizens Advisory Recovery Team. What I observed can only be described as staggering. Seeing the devastation firsthand, you quickly realize these folks can’t do it alone. As I tried to put myself in the shoes of Joplin residents — tried to imagine what it would have been like to emerge from the wreckage of that storm to face a future of uncertainty and significant difficulty— my first thought was how overwhelmed they must have been and continue to be.

“It can become overpowering,” Jane admitted to me. “There are days where you accomplish so much, and days where it feels like you are never going to make any progress. But you have to keep going. You find a place to start, go after it in bite-size chunks, and then one day you realize how far we’ve come.”

In fact, nearly a year after the twister hit, the amount of labor that has gone into cleaning up the debris and the damage is incredible. Unfortunately, even more astonishing is the amount of work remaining.  The city continues to battle its way toward recovery, struggling to find enough resources to meet the needs of its population. I was awed by the incredible work ethic and cooperation I saw reflected in the efforts to date, and by the united focus around the ongoing planning and fundraising.  The coordination, cooperation, and lack of personal agenda that characterizes the efforts by so many in Joplin left me inspired.

Obviously, the biggest need remains rebuilding homes; but in all honesty, the city and its valiant residents remain in need across the board. They simply don’t have enough of anything. I think most of us can relate to the news when a tornado hits and you see the damage on TV, but I really never grasped the long-term consequences of such a storm until I saw it firsthand. Until you’ve seen a disaster of this magnitude, you don’t think about what happens in a community trying to keep families afloat when they have no home, no job, no school — and that loss stretches on for years.

My request is very simple and straightforward:  Any VTN members who are serious about growing and scaling their managed services business and who are tired of tools and tool hopping, please talk to NetEnrich about how we can help change the way you service your clients.  If you are considering adding remote IT operations and infrastructure management services, please consider engaging with us before March 31; we would like to be able to make a significant impact toward building a home in Joplin before the summer building season.  NetEnrich will also be sending members of our executive team to Joplin — at a time and place determined by Jane and her rebuilding committee — to lend what we can to the effort and try to make a difference.  Bite-sized chunks lead to significant progress.


NetEnrich: contact us
Habitat For Humanity – Joplin Area:

Take The Next Step: Value Pricing to Value Selling

Throughout our Q4 BIZ DEV webinar series, we’ve focused on the increased need for value-based pricing as one of the much-needed steps MSPs should take to avoid artificial commoditization — the self-imposed lowering of prices and profits. We’ve heard from industry expert Larry Walsh and others about the idea of selling managed services based on value rather than lowering prices in response to misperceived competitive pressure.

The missing element is often the lack of truly understanding the market value your expertise holds and how to position it. So, how do MSPs uncover and align the value of their specialized expertise when it comes to price?

You can start by joining us for the Dec. 7 BIZ DEV webinar with Walsh, hosted by Ingram Micro. Walsh will reveal his new research on managed services pricing, plus share advice on how to overcome this troubling pricing trend in the managed services market. Register now!

However, value-based pricing is only one factor in building and sustaining a successful – and profitable – managed services practice. Understanding, articulating and selling your value is the other half of the equation. Do you know how to empower your sales team so they can share your value in a compelling way? We can help you with that, too. At noon ET/9 a.m. PT, on Dec. 13, NetEnrich VP and GM Justin Crotty will sit down with MSP sales expert Frank Albi to discuss value-based selling and how you can differentiate yourself from your competition through effective pricing strategies and sales tactics.  Click here to reserve your spot at this webinar.

Are you a Unified Communications trendsetter or is your competition?

Offer more advanced technologies and value with your Network Infrastructure business without incurring heavy internal costs

Digital voice, HD teleconferencing, collaboration and presence-aware apps (as well as conventional IP traffic) are all creating additional burdens on IT support teams, and for the solution providers who service them.

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but VoIP and IP-PBX systems are the new normal – local networks have finally converged with voice. It’s a good and bad thing, depending upon how you look at it. Since you know networking and have the chops to support large, complex installations, you’re uniquely positioned to support network infrastructure managed services for Cisco, Juniper or other installations.

Real Opportunities, Right Now

It’s now time for service providers to capitalize on new opportunities related to increased management and maintenance tasks.

The question is. how do you offer services to support this huge market while avoiding major service headaches?

NetEnrich Helps You Maintain Control While Boosting Revenue Potential
NetEnrich’s Networking Practice helps you support the increased performance demands your end clients face with VoIP and traditional network infrastructures, without throwing legions of costly resources at the project.

Three options, AID, MANAGE and On Demand, allow you to customize support for your individual accounts and end businesses. AID delivers remote managed monitoring and alert triage, ISP vendor management, proactive infrastructure checks, asset inventory, and reporting via a secure web portal – all on your behalf, under your brand and company name.

MANAGE adds another layer of services focused on deep remediation, troubleshooting, and proactive remote network infrastructure management services – all critical, but time-consuming work that tends to tie up your IT engineers at a less than desirable billable rate.

With ‘On Demand,’ you choose your solutions as needs arise.

Either way, with NetEnrich’s people, proven processes and enterprise-class technology, you have an easy avenue for managing complex, demanding environments without adding costs. NetEnrich’s Services Gateway will also give your engineers the visibility and reporting to keep everything under control with your clients.

Lose the pain, keep control, gain perspective and be better with NetEnrich.

“The NetEnrich efforts reinforce a larger trend within the managed services market. A growing number of MSPs are blending unified communications product sales with proactive managed services.  The trend was widely discussed…at Cisco Partner Summit.” – Joe Panettieri, in the MSPs Rolling Out Unified Communications VoIP blog posted on March 8.

More information on our Networking Practice services will be discussed in an upcoming webcast]. Please feel free to ask questions or comment below, too.

And, be sure to sign up for our latest Cisco infrastructure support webinar being held live on April 12 at 12:30p EDT/9:30a PDT: How to Build a Network Managed Services Practice without Losing your Shirt with NetEnrich partner, Donn Smith of Direct Hit Technologies and our VP Jeff Jaycox.

Control Your Destiny with the Cloud – Learn How at Xchange Solution Provider in Orlando

Raju Chekuri, President and CEO of NetEnrich demystified cloud services today at the Cloud Computing Boardroom during the Xchange Solution Provider conference. Technology services see a movement from the ‘Closet’ to the ‘Cloud’ and Solution Providers can definitely cash-in from this trend. Onsite managed services and hardware have traditionally been the mainstay for Solution Providers thus far.  But, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are gaining momentum in the IT services marketplace. Customers want their services be managed and monitored in public/private and hybrid clouds. They want their business critical SaaS and PaaS platforms to be managed and controlled for network performance and uptime.

Solution Providers need to stay relevant and support their customers changing needs – movement to cloud then is imperative! Granted, there will be many questions about launching into this new stream of services but NetEnrich can help. We will work with Solution Providers to map out the future – be it provisioning services in the private/public cloud or monitoring and managing network performance and uptime or applications or platforms hosted in the cloud.

Solution Providers have the unique advantage of understanding their customer’s environment to recommend/ manage an appropriate cloud solution.

    • Get inserted into the IT organization in the operations side today. If you are offering managed services, you are one step closer to the customer’s IT needs.


    • If you are not offering managed services, it is important that you get into the customer’s IT environment by doing Discovery and start understanding the internal onsite assets/inventory.

NetEnrich can help you to become a trusted cloud advisor. With the cloud, you can offer state-of-the-art consultative services, retain recurring revenue with your current client base, reduce capital expenditure and increase automation and expand your range of services to become a one-stop-shop for your clients.

MAP OUT YOUR FUTURE with NetEnrich. We will be attending the Xchange Solution Provider Event from March 6th – 9th, 2011. If you are there and would like to talk to us, please feel free send an email to and she will set up a meeting.

Arrow /NetEnrich Partnership – What’s in it for VARs?

NetEnrich’s recent partnership with Arrow to support their Cloud Fusion services holds great promise to Arrow’s established VAR base offering services to small and medium enterprises. NetEnrich offers highly secure, real-time services to IT solution providers that support enterprise-level network operations and data centers with remote monitoring, management and IT operations. Our targeted services our especially beneficial to VARs specializing in specific industry verticals be it banking, insurance, health care, education, energy, automotive, real estate or government.


You the VAR can now be the ‘change agent’ for your end customers by providing rapid time to value and driving optimum operational efficiency. By offloading routine monitoring and maintenance to us, you now are on your way to become a strategic IT partner, much like an IBM or EDS but at a lower scale. You with our help can now focus on the most impending need like the CRM project which was long overdue or an ERP overhaul which was being procrastinated.


To know more about what NetEnrich brings to this table, join and meet us at the ATG Partner Conference which is going on right now, August 9th – August 11th. Visit NetEnrich to talk more about our managed service offerings WATCH, AID and MANAGE and a plethora of on-demand services currently available for all Arrow VARs.


NetEnrich has the capability to quickly get up to speed and manage IT infrastructure with services such as remote DBA, remote system administration and email migration. NetEnrich also offers a series of discovery services to assess and evaluate your IT environment. This is especially important for businesses going through several rapid changes or turnovers/acquisitions losing track of IT resources or falling behind in managing them.


For more information or to chat with one of our representatives on customized service packages: visit

Managed/IT Services in Turbulent Times

Growth projections:

According to a recent survey conducted by Nemerte’s research about 60% of the participants said that they plan to increase their use of managed services in 2009. Some of the top drivers being budget cutbacks, shrinking staff, lack of specialized expertise and rising demand to support complex applications. In 2006, 27% of research participants were using some form of managed services. By 2008 that number had more than doubled to 65% and in 2009 60% of participants are expanding their use of managed services. Source: Network World .

Gartner too in one of its recent reports talks about an accelerated shift in IT services due to recession since the companies have to strictly conserve cash. Outsourcing hence is an alternate delivery model of choice.  This will also revive the traditional outsourcing models towards a new pricing model to access services based on per-user per monthor a per-unit per month basis.

Gartner also recommends that service providers accelerate their service offerings and pricing models to suit the requirements and demands of enterprise customers. And NetEnrich is doing just that with both enterprise and  managed services.

The Seismic Global NOC powered by sophisticated tools/technology and staff ensures the best service delivery experience to its VARs. Apart from a well defined NOC support system with L1, L2 and L3 engineers, flexible packages to support different VAR and user needs and a very competitive pricing model, the Seismic continuously strives to evolve its offering with new and dynamic programs. Our ‘fast, predictable and painless’ on-boarding has minimal steps to sign up and set-up our onsite manager in your environment. Apart from our standard Gold, Platinum and Platinum+ offerings, we very recently added the Remote Network Device Management service as an add-on service for network devices and switches.  

Our managed services are also expanding beyond the VAR channel to partner with datacenter service providers and technology vendors to provide integrated solutions. Click here to read more about our practice areas and service offerings within each.

And this you’ve probably already read before, the enterprise side of our services is driven by a people-processes-technology strategy supported by custom SLAs and flexible service offerings to meet our customer needs and very flexible engagement models. The service delivery framework is supported by Virtual Private Management Gateway – our exclusive technology to deliver a secure and compliant engagement.