Sample Clients & Certifications

We have co-managed IT operations with over 1400+ clients since 2004.

These include clients in verticals such as manufacturing, financial services, and retail.

$2B Retail Industry Leader In Automobile Auctions

Customer Background and IT Challenge

  • $2B per year retail automobile auction company – product of six acquisitions and mergers
  • Pressure to cut costs and improve profitability
  • Increased competition, and need to better differentiate their company via improved customer experience
  • Lack of visibility and control across technologies, silos, and business unit specific systems
  • High operational costs, including recently purchased monitoring tools that did not make IT better
  • IT Staff in reactive mode with little time to work on value-add initiatives

Problem Impact and Services Solution

  • Cannot run business to its potential without cross business unit integration and management (systems, processes…)
  • IT staff has little time left to tackle strategic projects – initiatives are on hold and business innovation suffers
  • The impact includes ROI, high cost structure, and risk to the customer experience from IT quality
  • The Enterprise Command Center unifies monitoring, management, ITOM and ITSM functions to address the above impact
  • Run-book and SOP automation, across the business units, technologies and silos removes human error
  • The additional capability to offer business unit level SLAs and chargebacks helps IT better align to the business

Business Outcomes

  • IT performance: 44% drop in alerts – and 95% improvement in first-to-know.
  • Mean Time to Resolution is reduced 60%
  • Eight L3 FTEs shifted from reactive work to revenue and customer experience initiatives
  • SLA and business unit level chargebacks are in place
  • IT is positioned to become IT-as-a-Service Provider to their business

Hi-Technology Manufacturing

Customer Background and Challenge

  • $3B Global manufacturing company (gaming)
  • Pressure to innovate and speed to market, across the US and Asia
  • Increased competition, new players, and new business models
  • Lack of visibility and control across the sprawl, technologies, and the cloud stack
  • Low operational effectiveness and IT performance metrics
  • Manual processes and human error

Impact and Solution

  • Lack of IT agility and ability to support innovation slows company growth
  • Major initiatives are delayed
  • Sub-optimal business outcomes from Cloud deployment – and security and performance risks
  • The solution starts with Emerging Technologies and Cloud Management Services to extend support to the cloud
  • Unified monitoring and management covers cloud services such as Amazon, and for dev OPS
  • And we provide the capability to offer business unit specific performance reports

Business Outcomes

  • Increased company agility, e.g., IT can now begin to work on 35% additional business initiatives
  • IT has better visibility and control over cloud related activities
  • Improved business outcomes from cloud: better security, reporting, and performance
  • 24% Lower TCO of infrastructure and operations management

Success Story – Hospitality

Customer Background

  • $1.5B + in revenue
  • Operates Hotels in US, Canada, under different brand names
  • Hotels range from four star to modest lodgings
  • Lack cross tower visibility and ability for unified management and reporting and not first to know of outages
  • IT talent in fire-fighting mode with limited bandwidth left for operations improvements and the quest experience
  • Limited automation and process standardization and too many tools only complicate matters, e.g., reporting

Impact and Solution

  • High mean time to repair puts guest experience at risk and IT is not always first to know of troubles
  • Additional guest experiences such as mobility interaction options are on hold
  • Complex environment and lack of command limits IT ability to manage and report
  • Enterprise Command Center (ECC) to unify monitoring and management, and resolution, to address above impact
  • Run-book and SOP automation further reduces human error and optimizes operations
  • Business value dashboards driven by ECC single pane of glass visibility and control over entire environment

Business Outcomes

  • True single pane of glass control and governance over all hotel properties, business units, and infrastructure
  • MTTR reduced by over 50% and alert to noise ratio reduced from 20:1 to 12:1
  • 33% reduction in project backlog, i.e., from forty to twenty six projects on hold