Cloud is Transforming IT

Virtual private, pubic and hybrid clouds, API standards for cloud infrastructures, cloud based desktops, emails and databases, cloud computing platforms… the list of jargons to substantiate cloud efforts is endless. Cloud service providers are covering a whole spectrum from full-blown applications, storage services to spam filtering. With Amazon’s EC2, Microsoft Windows Azure, IBM’s blue cloud and Google’s cloud initiative, cloud certainly has become the ‘phrase du jour’.

Building a strategy to leverage cloud computing or embarking on a virtualization and consolidation initiative involves a complex array of fast-changing components including technology platform choices, systems development decisions, pricing and licensing schemes. In addition, there are fundamental paradigm shifts in how we think about resources. Virtual and cloud resources have a significant impact on traditional IT functions including system administration, security, compliance, privacy, performance, sizing, management, and monitoring.

But beyond doubt, cloud evidently is a new way to manage your infrastructure to support applications. Be it infrastructure as a service, platform as a service or software or IT as a service, all these elements can now run in the cloud. Earlier applications ran on operating systems and OS ran on servers which talked across the network and all the servers and equipment were hosted in the datacenters. Today these servers can be physical or virtual and when virtual it could be in a private, public, virtual private or a hybrid cloud. Monitoring and administering your infrastructure in the cloud is then crucial. How do you know if the performance is at the right level?

No matter which cloud your server is on, service providers like NetEnrich can help to manage and monitor your infrastructure with an underlying tool set. We provide cloud based IT as a Service by either acting as an extension of your IT/operations team or by becoming your IT team. Your applications can now be hosted on any cloud, we will bring in the expertise to provide you secure service with 24/7 support and tight service level agreements.

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