Common NOC Pitfalls to Avoid

The relationship that a channel partner has with its NOC provider can offer great business value. Fact is, you are looking for an experienced IT operations provider – a true partner who can deliver high-value services into SMB and Enterprise accounts, and such a partner can drive return for your organization in many ways. 

First and foremost, the right NOC partner enables you to scale with lower cost and investment, than would be required to scale the business in a DIY scenario. Second, the right partner can free up high-priced engineers to focus on more strategic projects and deliver solid value to clients, vs. fighting low-level fires and wasting time on technical tasks that do not provide a return for the cost of the engineer. And, last but not least, a the right partner will help its channel partners meet the needs of their evolving enterprise and SMB clients by providing the ability to manage complex hybrid IT environments, driving high value around the automation of IT services, and offering greater predictability and consistency around SLAs.

Yet, despite its many benefits, there are a few common pitfalls that channel partners need to wary of when it comes to establishing a sustainable NOC relationship. Here’s the short list:

  • Cheap pricing. The least expensive NOC could end up costing more in the long run and here’s why:
    • Cheap pricing comes at a cost – typically the skills of the technical staff and the ability to deliver a solid client experience.
    • Repeated problems due to ineffective service can have a negative affect on your reputation  and drive clients away in search of a more reliable provider.
    • Limited scalability means that you have to rely more on internal resources to grow your business, which can increase fixed costs.
  • Limited partner support. If the NOC provider in question isn’t willing to support you during the sales cycle, or assist in the transition of clients in a planned and straightforward manner. Don’t waste your time. Move on.
  • Treating the NOC like a third wheel. Once you have selected your NOC provider, be sure to treat them as an integrated and cohesive part of your service delivery model – after all, the NOC is an extension of your team. This will ensure you get the most out of the relationship and maximize the overall experience for your clients.

The bottom line is that a sustainable, scalable and profitable NOC relationship is available and being used by hundreds of SMB and Enterprise focused MSPs across the US. It simply takes some time and effort on the part of everyone involved to drive its success. 

At NetEnrich, we take IT Operations services to the next level and work together with our channel partners to establish a high-value, turnkey managed IT service offering that drives meaningful results for you and your customers.

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– Justin Crotty