Disruptive forces of cloud computing (part 2)

Although cloud computing is going through the initial evolutionary steps, analyst houses such as Forrester and Gartner predict a spurt in demand for cloud based services by as early as 2012. Clearly, businesses are evaluating the model and contemplating a shift without compromising basic security and regulatory constraints.


Cloud computing represents a convergence of several IT drivers and offers cost-effective solutions to key business demands. For example, clouds provide businesses with the agility required to move quickly in highly competitive business environments. This allows organizations to activate and retire resources as needed, dynamically update infrastructure elements, and move workloads to improve efficiency without having to worry about creating new infrastructures for each new application.


Organizations want to take advantage of several cost benefits provided by cloud computing. These include the price/performance offered by readily-available, commodity-grade computers, the ability to mitigate skyrocketing data center development and operational costs and utilizing a shared infrastructure rather than creating new platforms on an application-by-application basis


While enterprises gear up to demand services from the cloud, NetEnrich gears up to establish a robust value proposition to capture a share of this burgeoning market.


Cost Factor: NetEnrich’s whole shared ITaaS (IT as a Service) model from the cloud is definitely a lucrative alternative to traditional on-premise delivery. Enterprises today are expanding globally and vying for operational efficiency. There is a movement about doing more with less due to trimmed budgets and rising resource/maintenance costs. Our cloud based shared service delivery framework provides the much needed operational efficiency since the same resources are now shared by multiple clients without shortchanging the basic security, regulatory requirements, compliance issues, functionalities and critical enterprise considerations.


Trust Factor: Why would you choose a particular vendor and what are our strengths and weaknesses? Do we even have a long term road map so you know you’re betting on the right long-term strategy for your business? NetEnrich has had an eloquent history in delivering world class enterprise solutions to large enterprise customers. Our technology has been a unique differentiator and our backbone to provide advanced functionalities and is now geared up to offer similar services ‘from the cloud’. The Virtual Private Management Gateway appliance is installed in the customer’s premises to ensure complete security and transparency during service delivery.


Industry analysts including Gartner and Forrester are early proponents of cloud computing and its potential. Several trends are emerging that will enable enterprises to make good use of cloud computing, such as shared, virtualized and automated IT architectures. However, the introduction of cloud-enabled application platforms will certainly accelerate cloud adoption among businesses of all sizes.