Don’t Let Your Towers Stand in the Way of Managing IT Operations

As an IT executive, you face numerous challenges – from networks to circuits to BYOD to the cloud. The reality is that IT is rapidly evolving. What worked last year can quickly change as your IT needs evolve and business units demand more efficiency.

Chances are that to keep pace with this complexity, your organization has adopted a towers-based model that silos technologies, tools and processes based on the needs they fulfil. You are not alone. In fact, according to a study by Enterprise Management Associates, “67% of organizations have multiple towers working independently in silos.”1 Furthermore, a study by CompTIA discovered that “on average, organizations have 11 different platforms, technologies and vendors across heterogeneous hypervisors, storage, networks and clients.”

While the towers-based approached may make it expedient for your IT organization to meet the evolving demands of your end users, it has increased the complexity and costs of monitoring and managing disparate technologies, tools and processes, by your team. As such, you face a number of business risks that include reduced accountability; poor performance and availability; time consuming manual processes for runbook, backup, auditing and compliance that reduce efficiencies; and, weak governance processes. 

To address this complexity and simplify management, we recommend NetEnrich’s Enterprise Command Center (ECC).  By consolidating and integrating the management and monitoring of multiple technologies, tools and processes into a single pane of glass view, NetEnrich’s ECC quickly becomes a one-stop shop for IT operations.

ECC Graphic

Leveraging the Vistara IT operations cloud, NetEnrich’s ECC integrates with leading IT operations management (ITOM) and IT service management (ITSM) tools that you may own.   It optimizes your towers-based IT infrastructure; reduces alerts noise and tickets; manages IT on-premise to the cloud; reduces costs; and, improves efficiencies through automation and proactive administration.

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– Chris Joseph

1Enterprise Management Associates – Research Report – Virtualization and Management Trends – Forecasts and Recommendations, April 2008