Enterprise Cloud Services

Cloud is a generational shift, as the realization of this disruption has spread from the server room to the board room, businesses are adopting cloud to reduce cost, modernize their IT and provide a strategic advantage to their company. Yet many companies find it hard to evaluate and assess the cost and time investment needed to migrate to cloud. Many have limited in-house expertise and tools, others suffer from a coherent strategy to integrate on-premises workloads with those running in Azure, providing a single sign-on experience for the users. Those who have adopted the cloud, lack a plan for monitoring, management and optimization of their cloud environments.

For the past five years, NetEnrich has successfully helped enterprises of all sizes build and execute on a cloud strategy. NetEnrich services include IaaS migration of on-premises servers or VMs and refactoring of legacy applications to Azure PaaS. A Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, NetEnrich has an army of, highly skilled Azure Certified engineers.




Managed Cloud Services

Enterprises that adopt cloud are facing a new set of challenges. Many of their legacy applications have moved to the cloud as is and now run as individual VMs or in Containers. They have built new PaaS services and modern applications where possible. Given the differences in pricing and SLAs and not to put all their eggs in one basket, they work with multiple cloud providers. This complex heterogeneous, hybrid cloud environment is hard to manage. They are constantly forced to put their key people in simply managing this complex cloud environment, away from strategic initiatives.

NetEnrich provides a software defined, end to end Managed Cloud for Azure and AWS. With its decades of experience in managing complex IT environments, NetEnrich has the process and the know-how in addition to tools to provide a differentiated approach to cloud management. This not only allows Enterprises to manage risk but frees up valuable resources to innovate and differentiate their businesses.



Hybrid Cloud Services

Enterprises are required to take into consideration important business and technical factors, when developing an overall cloud strategy. In regulated industries, public cloud may not be the right choice due to regulations and data sovereignty issues. For Retailers, Banks and Hospitals with branch office locations, it may be impossible to run key business applications in the cloud due to lower bandwidth and connectivity challenges. There is a need for new application patterns that is required that takes advantage of the characteristics of both private and public cloud when appropriate. These organizations, while still running their key workloads on-premises need to consume key public cloud services. They need to design applications to a Hybrid platform where mobility between private and public clouds becomes super easy.

NetEnrich Hybrid Cloud Services provides an end-to-end solution on Microsoft Platform. NetEnrich Hybrid Cloud Services deploys a private cloud environment for on-premises deployment of workloads that can easily consume public Azure services, specially for the edge of the enterprises. Using Microsoft Azure Stack and working with its Hardware partners, NetEnrich provides a complete standalone ‘Appliance’ for private cloud.