Enterprise IT is under constant pressure to transform and pre-empt the changing business landscape. Digital disruption has been the defining feature over the past decade and will continue to wreak havoc for those who are unprepared for it. Many Enterprises are struggling to keep up with disruption (cloud, mobility, social media, BI, etc,) and are seeking an IT organization driven by measurable and meaningful business results, over resource-oriented inputs.

Businesses with transformational IT have achieved great cost and operational efficiencies, allowing them to shift focus to innovation. Our transformation services include proprietary tools & capabilities, built from years of experience working with many clients, which helps us pinpoint where your IT capabilities stand today and how they must evolve to help you achieve your goal. NetEnrich services enable IT to deliver measurable, meaningful business outcomes at low cost.


How do we do it?

NetEnrich’s Enterprise IT Transformation service transforms IT teams to become an outcome-based service provider to their business, with limited or no outsourcing exposure. They enable “service-orientation” of IT to business and clients. Our next gen tools and automation transform IT to be more self-reliant and independent.

NetEnrich services can be customized to meet organizational business goals. Tools and technologies we use to achieve transformational IT are:



Vistara revolutionizes IT operations management to meet the needs of modern IT. It is a proven SaaS platform for IT operations lifecycle management. It is purpose-built to address the challenges and opportunities that arise out of IT department’s need for transformation to become a service provider to the enterprise. Vistara provides clients with a unified view to manage on-premise infrastructure and dynamic cloud infrastructure resources while delivering service centric insights to the business.


  • Policy-based management
  • Single-pane-of-glass view
  • Troubleshooting
  • Service Management
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting



Enterprises are considering cloud adoption for the numerous business-enabling benefits it offers. Migration to the cloud is fraught with several challenges such as lack of in-house expertise and legacy applications, which could be potential show stoppers.

NetEnrich’s cloud services can help you modernize your infrastructure through a planned migration to the cloud. We provide 24×7 end-end monitoring and managed services, track SLAs and continuously analyze and optimize infrastructure to manage risk and increase agility.


Industrialized services:

NetEnrich’s industrialized services empower enterprises to run IT better, shift resources from firefighting to growth and innovation. We empower our clients to unlock their potential by using our automation-enabled services and intelligent business operations frameworks to generate efficiencies of speed and higher quality of services.

NetEnrich’s Industrialized services include:

Data Center Services

Efficient and effective IT operations are key requirement for every business to function smoothly. NetEnrich understands them and provides management services for servers, storage, network & unified communications (UC), database, and applications to ensure business continuity.


Network and UC Services

Organizations today rely on networks, UC, and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) to deliver vital network & communications services. NetEnrich provides a comprehensive suite of 24×7 monitoring, management, maintain, enance, and administer ration services for management of network & UC technologies. NetEnrich They proactively manage network and UC components to include network infrastructure for meet the availability, reliability, and quality demands. of environments by monitoring and proactively managing network and UC components including and extending into the network infrastructure.


Cyber Security Services

NetEnrich Cyber-Security Services enable end-clients to have peace of mind while NetEnrich manages and thwarts threats and attacks on digital perimeter and applications, to ensure end-clients do not lose their peace of mind.


Service analytics:

NetEnrich’s service analytics provides insights, alerts and performance metrics of globally distributed resources, with improved BU sensitivity, SLA adherence, resource utilization and incident escalation and lower IT Operations costs. The huge knowledge base in event correlation analytics, big data repositories, and problem management, built over 1000+ clients, promises high quality performance metrics.


NetEnrich Services Endorsed by Gartner

NetEnrich Enterprise Transformation Services drive fundamental change and positive outcomes as testified by Gartner.


NetEnrich empowers clients to achieve measurable & meaningful business outcomes:

  • 99%+ First to Know about your IT outages (before your client)
  • 95%+ Single pane view across hybrid infrastructure
  • 4/5 High CSAT with improved service delivery
  • 30-50% cost savings in operations
  • 3-5X IT service quality improvements
  • Up to 5X software release speeds at 50% lower failure rates