Evolving the NexGen Datacenters

NetEnrich is proud to launch its datacenter hosted service solutions as one of the primary areas of practice. Having followed the trends for a while, we clearly saw a movement beyond the 3Ps to redefine datacenter efficiencies. Of course, after reading about the power outage in one of Rackspace’s datacenter in Dallas recently, there is a need to re emphasize that basic malfunctioning is unacceptable. Nevertheless, given that those will be a constant with absolutely zero disruptions, there has to another differentiator to grow and evolve in this space.

NetEnrich believes that this could be adding a layer of hosted service offerings which would provide a range of services from simple monitoring to comprehensive remediation on all the devices hosted in the datacenter. We might not be early to market as we prepare for this big leap with sophisticated virtual/cloud based technology but definitely we bring in some very state-of-the-art tools and practices.

What would differentiate us from the others is our state-of-the-art Virtual Private Management Gateway with advanced features to monitor and manage all types of infrastructure environments and devices. Learn more about our exclusive technology.

Visit: http://www.netenrich.com/technology

What would this mean to the datacenter service provider?

It means maximizing their revenue per square foot, per customer by offering value additive solutions apart from merely providing rack space. Also, grow their customer base and expand new customer revenue by selling value added services on top of the space.

NetEnrich datacenter hosted services as part of the IT as a Service offerings basically eliminates the need for datacenter service providers to worry about routine maintenance of their customer’s infrastructure and focus on making the overall datacenter management experience a better one. It also helps to grow and scale vertically by adding more bandwidth to the existing datacenter than buying new space to accommodate additional customers or increase the price of existing service offerings.

We’ll talk more about the different elements of datacenter transformation in our ongoing blog postings.