Excelling in a fragmented managed services market!


According to MSP Mentor’s Joe Pantenerri the US MSP market is going to grow at 7% annually through 2012. Some say it is a conservative estimate and the market should be growing at almost 20%. In either case, every managed service provider would like to get a slice of this growth pie and the eventual big question is HOW? What is the USP in this market which will put you ahead of the curve?

Evidently, it’s a fragmented space with continual influx of entrants and the need for existing players to solidify their niche. There are some key factors that help to establish market leaders vs. laggards in this space.

Some factors taken very seriously by end users according to reports from CompTIA’s research:

Metrics such as response times, data security, privacy and 24/7 uptimes.

The flexibility factor. There is no one size fits all SLA model. Customization depending on end user’s service and delivery preferences become key.

Next, how do these services help to let enterprises focus on core initiatives by offloading all routine maintenance and troubleshooting to their VARs. Not sure how one could quantify this, but ROI calculations compared with revenue growth could help in establishing a pattern.

Fourth, MSPs need to approach their clients with a consultative approach rather than being a solution provider. This would mean being more proactive in examining client habits, down to the applications they use and find ways to increase efficiency than mere monitoring and maintenance.

The list of these differentiators is endless. But you might be intrigued to find out about NetEnrich’s managed service strategy and how we are positioned to take off?