Five Ways IT Management Services can Improve Customer Loyalty

As a solution provider, you face stiff competition from other MSPs and VARs who will gladly tell your customers that they will provide the same, or better services than you are giving them, for less money, and in many cases, much more quickly and efficiently. As such, one of the best tools in your arsenal for beating the competition, and driving customer loyalty, is by offering a best-in-class customer experience.

However, this is often easier said than done. So, how can you differentiate yourself, and gain a reputation that is built on outstanding customer service?

One of the ways to achieve this is by offering IT management services, such as those provided by the NetEnrich IT Operations Platform. Five ways that NetEnrich can help you improve customer loyalty and satisfaction include:

  1. All-in-one platform: NetEnrich remotely monitors and manages IT infrastructure environments ranging from the simple to complex including private cloud, public cloud, unified communications, virtualization, or a combination of these platforms.
  2. 24/7 IT operations support: NetEnrich enables you to provide around the clock monitoring and management of your customers’ IT infrastructure including servers, network devices, infrastructure and business applications.
  3. No single point of failure: With NetEnrich, your customers won’t be left out to in the cold with false positives and other errors. We triage all back-end errors before elevating the most important ones so your customers can save time, and more importantly money, on IT operations management.
  4. Improved Visibility. Solution providers can monitor and manage their entire on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructures, from hardware assets to software applications, from NetEnrich’s single, tell-all dashboard, so that they are first-to-know when an outage within the customers’ infrastructure occurs.
  5. Best Practices Framework.  NetEnrich leverages world class ITIL certified, ISO-27001, SSAE-16 certified IT operations facilities to provide customers with a best practices framework for their IT operations management.

With NetEnrich, you receive real-time, proactive monitoring platforms and services that enables you to immediately identify problems within your customers’ IT infrastructure; offer continuous transparency and control; respond quickly to your customers’ needs; and, improve the experience you deliver to your customers.

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