How Big Data Can Optimize Your IT Operations

The IT operations hub for a business can generate a ton of BIG DATA, all by itself. This is especially true in enterprises within select verticals that are already data intensive and require a lot of technology infrastructure to keep business moving forward. These verticals include manufacturing, retail, financial services, e-commerce and medical/healthcare. So, in such cases, the challenge now becomes not only managing and protecting the business’ data, but also the data being pulled into the company. 

Another challenge that quickly turns into a valuable business opportunity, is segmenting the BIG DATA produced by your IT operations, and using it to build advantage and make more informed business decisions. A great example would be using the data generated by Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) systems to understand peak hours of usage, or identify slow performing machines or correlating outages. By looking at the monitors, alerts, tickets and other data, then correlating these events and using that data to predict future events, IT organizations can improve availability and performance, and enhance customer satisfaction.

This may be easier said than done, especially for organizations that are using multiple tools and technologies to manage IT operations. That said, is there a thoughtful approach available that can provide the analytics that these organizations need to make informed decisions about their IT operations?

The answer is yes, and it is the NetEnrich NetAnalytica™ framework, a proven service for analytics and reporting of events and BIG DATA including monitors, alerts, tickets, logs, and other data. With NetEnrich NetAnalytica, IT enterprises can enable continuous improvement of various event correlation and dependency rules within their IT environments, as highlighted in the diagram below.

NetEnrich, Analytics, Big Data, NetAnalytica

Some of the key benefits of NetEnrich NetAnalytica include:

  • Big Data – Finds hidden clues to improve event management and IT services
  • Insights – Provides quantitative insights into complex IT issues and challenges
  • Availability and Performance – Embeds intelligence into processes
  • Cost Reduction – Identifies new ways to avoid or decrease cost
  • Decision Making – Assesses likely outcomes of decision alternatives and uncovers better ones
  • Productivity – Makes processes and people more productive
  • Granular Segmentation – Enables better segmentation of event data
  • Risk – Measures risk and uncovers factors critical to manage and reduce risk
  • Throughput – Increases speed or throughput of processes and decreases delays

To learn more about how NetEnrich NetAnalytica can help you analyze your IT events “big data”, and set you on the right path for optimization and insights for your IT operations, drop me a line at or visit

– Chris Joseph