How to Successfully Capitalize on Mid-Market Enterprise Opportunities

Mid-market enterprises have been slow to embrace managed services.  They maintain traditional IT architectures, or towers-based IT infrastructures, and face a common set of challenges that include:

  • Lack of a formal IT organization
  • Limited visibility into the operation of networking, storage, database and other infrastructure components
  • Use of costly, disparate management tools to that do not communicate, or share information
  • High labor costs
  • Inconsistent SLAs

But for MSPs and solution providers, this old school style presents a great sales and long-term service opportunity. Many mid-market organizations don’t fully understand the high cost and inefficiency associated with the labor and tools they are using to manage their IT infrastructures, and may be shocked to find out how much they are actually spending on IT operations.

For instance, these organizations may be using expensive L3 engineers to troubleshoot and remediate tickets. Or, they may be last to know when an outage occurs, due to all the noise generated by their monitoring and management tools. These are both huge “misses” that can contribute to a higher cost of doing business, unnecessary downtime, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

When MSPs and solution providers are able to reveal those “hidden costs” to their mid-market prospects, they can justify the need for managed services, and will be well on their way to reaping the benefits that come from expanding their businesses into the mid-market.

But, breaking into the mid-market is only half the battle. To be successful over the long-term, MSPs and solution providers need to be able to scale their business and grow alongside their customers. One of the ways to do this is through partnerships with trusted experts like NetEnrich.

At NetEnrich, we become an extension of the MSP or solution provider’s team. Through our IT Operations Platform and NetEnrich shared services, we free up expensive L3 engineers so that our partners can drive up margins. We also do all of the heavy lifting, helping our partners identify the areas where their customers can benefit most from managed services. Furthermore, with NetEnrich, MSPs and solution providers can get out of the business of fighting fires and into the business of making a profit.

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– Justin Crotty