Increased Mobile Demands on Wireless Networks Require Attention

With the recent explosion of mobile devices and applications, small businesses across the country face a new challenge: accommodating the unprecedented rise in mobile demand placed on their wireless network infrastructures. Smoothly managing this increasing demand is critical to your network operations.

Growing mobile data demands can severely slow your network, leading to reduced performance and increased downtime. Research by wireless analyst Chetan Sharma found that increasing mobile device use has caused average per-person wireless data consumption to rise almost 50% between 2009 and 2010. Building and maintaining network capacity to handle this new traffic demand is critical.

The growing popularity of mobile devices also raises major security concerns. Users increasingly expect to be able to use their personal mobile devices on their employer’s wireless network, adding large numbers of unsupported devices to your network. According to a recent Cisco survey, 41% of the global IT professionals who responded report that their employees are accessing their wireless networks using unsupported devices, and more than half say that their employees use unsupported applications.

So many unsupported devices and applications can lead to security breaches and data loss. To protect yourself, you’ll need to secure your network with robust security procedures that cover a broad range of devices, not just BlackBerrys. You’ll also need to prevent unauthorized applications for accessing and potentially leaking sensitive data and ensure that lost or stolen mobile devices don’t put your network at risk.

The dramatic growth of mobile device technology poses unique challenges for small business IT support. Fortunately, NetEnrich’s innovative approach to small business IT support can help you keep your network fast, availalble and secure in the face of rising mobile demand.

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