Increasing IT’s Relevancy Means Communicating “Above the Line”

As is far too often the case, IT leaders tend to focus on speeds and feeds and system performance, using these “below-the-line” metrics when communicating the state of IT to executive management. The issue is – it’s an outdated approach that falls terribly short, and one that must be changed in order for IT organizations to successfully align themselves with the businesses they serve.

Above the Line

What today’s executive decision makers want to know when it comes to IT and IT operations are the “above-the-line” metrics. These include metrics on the performance of key business processes in the enterprise such as cost, revenue, cycle time, time-to-market, quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. They also want to know how these metrics correlate with underlying IT operations. Each is very important, and NetEnrich’s services can help IT organizations to gather and better communicate these metrics.

Currently, we work with hundreds of enterprises, solution providers, and large-scale system integrators, providing world-class industrialized IT operations services that mitigate risk with IT operations, increase IT’s relevance, and drive business innovation. Through our Intelligent Business Operations framework, NetEnrich provides the ability to more clearly demonstrate the business value of the organization’s IT operations.  

The NetEnrich Intelligent Business Operations framework combines NetAutomata™, a metrics driven approach for automating manual processes and runbooks; NetAnalytica™, an analytics and reporting engine; and, NetEnrich services. The result is superior visualization and customizable dashboards that can be tailored for executive decision makers, IT executives and IT operations subject matter experts, to provide the much desired “above-the-line” metrics.



With NetEnrich, IT organizations can easily create business process maps, that map a business process (e.g. “place order” in retail industry) to its associated services, that in turn map to the software, applications, and databases powering these services, that in turn map to the underlying infrastructure powering them including servers, networking, storage, virtualization, hardware, cloud elements, etc., mapped across multiple geographies.

What this means in layman’s terms is that through the business value dashboard, an executive can drill-down on business processes that are underperforming or have experienced outages to determine which infrastructure or IT operations element (e.g. server, storage, app, network device, etc.,) caused the performance degradation or outages, as well as the capacity, availability, security and continuity impact to the business process.

Furthermore, with NetEnrich’s Intelligent Business Operations Framework, IT organizations are first-to-know when a business process outage occurs, and can communicate accordingly with executive decision makers.


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– Chris Joseph