Is Your Modern IT Infrastructure Keeping You Up at Night?

There is no doubt about it, CIOs and IT executives are under enormous pressure. Not only are they responsible for selecting the technologies that will be deployed within enterprises, they must also justify those purchasing decisions based on how they will help the organization meet and exceed its business goals. It’s no wonder so many CIOs and IT executives are sleep deprived.

Today’s enterprise users want everything. From increasing their efficiency through access to public and private cloud-based applications; to enjoying the flexibility afforded by virtualization and unified communications;to bringing their own devices to work and having corporate IT manage them. Together this presents a lofty challenge to CIOs and IT execs. Add to the mix the added pressure to transform IT departments into a shared services provider model for the business units they serve, and there’s a mountain of challenge to overcome.

As the consumers of IT services, business units demand service catalogs, chargebacks, SLAs and centralized reporting by IT. And, while multiple tools are common, particularly in towers-based infrastructure environments, enterprise IT teams desire the ability to rationalize, consolidate and integrate all of their tools into a unified tell-all dashboard that provides visibility into their entire IT infrastructure.

Some of the key “wish-list” items that CIO and IT executives have shared with us include:

  • The ability to be “first-to-know” when IT outages occur within their modern IT infrastructure environments
  • Increased visibility into towers-based IT operations
  • The ability to out-task routine first-level incident support and event management
  • The ability to reduce the cost of IT operations and free up valuable L3 system engineers to focus on more strategic projects
  • The ability to meet SLA adherence goals and automate runbooks
  • High availability and performance of their IT environments NetEnrich can help enterprises and solution providers navigate the rapidly changing world of modern IT infrastructure.

Through our Enterprise Command Center (ECC), we help CIOs and IT managers take control of their IT operations so that they can be the “first-to-know” when IT outages occur, improve the performance, capacity and availability of their IT operations, increase resource efficiencies, and keep a tight reign on costs.

With NetEnrich, everyone will undoubtedly get a better night’s sleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to ensure that the technology they are deploying within their enterprise is meeting and exceeding the business goals and objectives that have been set by their organization’s leadership.

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– Chris Joseph