IT Operations Management in the Era of “Bimodal IT”

No doubt about it, the enterprise IT landscape is shifting. IT organizations that once only had to worry about what they could control internally – operating systems, applications and hardware – are now facing enormous pressure, and diminishing relevance, with an increasing number of users bringing their own computers, mobile devices, applications, and now in some cases, wearable technologies into the enterprise.

It is the dawn of a new era in IT, and this is creating an interesting state of affairs that Gartner refers to as “Bimodal IT.” But what exactly does “Bimodal IT” mean? Simply put, Bimodal IT stems from the notion that IT organizations must work at two different speeds – traditional IT and agile IT.

In traditional IT, for example, organizations operate within heavy governance and controls that are designed to minimize risk and promote reliability. Agile IT, on the other hand, provides IT organizations with the greater opportunity to support the new and dynamic technologies being brought into the enterprise, while making faster release times for cutting-edge applications that the business wants to launch in the cloud to meet customer needs, possible. Agile IT requires IT teams to step up to meet the constantly evolving demands of users for more innovative and productive ways of doing business.

NetEnrich offers a new approach to IT operations that supports this new era of “Bimodal IT.” Through our IT infrastructure management and operations services, we enable and empower IT organizations to support both traditional IT and agile IT operations.

Our services are powered by an award-winning cloud operations platform that simplifies the adoption and management of cloud-based solutions and hybrid IT environments by federating the remote management of on-premise clouds, virtual private clouds, public clouds and IT tools. IT organizations benefit from single-pane-of-glass visibility into the performance, capacity, continuity and availability across the entire IT infrastructure – from traditional servers, networks, and storage that are on-premise, all the way to cloud-based infrastructure.

This visibility and control over both traditional IT and agile IT operations helps IT organizations run better, shift resources to promote growth, and transform themselves into a service provider to the business. And, some of the key benefits of partnering with NetEnrich to address this new era of “Bimodal IT” include:

  • Quick and efficient monitoring, management and resolution of IT issues through elastic, industrialized IT services that extend across the entire enterprise;
  • Consistency, full visibility and control through automation-powered IT operations management; and,
  • More effective decision making around business and IT processes, and dynamic business process transformation made possible by intelligent business operations and robust analytics.

The bottom line – the era of “Bimodal IT” is here, and NetEnrich is here to help IT organizations stay ahead of the curve, drive innovation within their IT operations, and remain a relevant part of the modern IT enterprise.

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– Chris Joseph