Its Hard to Call Your Own Baby Ugly

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is one in which Elaine and Kramer enter the nursery at a friend’s house to meet the new addition.  As Kramer peers over the crib railing, he is comically repulsed by the sight of what can only be assumed is a very ugly baby.  He and Elaine struggle to avoid looking directly at the child for the rest of the episode.  Their reaction to the baby is hilarious, primarily because the parents of the child are obviously fawning over him, unaware of the negative reactions of their friends.  After all, its hard to call your own baby ugly.

The same can be said about the businesses and companies each of us run.  Sure, many of them are wildly successful.  But let’s face it, there is no such thing as business that cannot be improved.  The questions each of us must ask ourselves is, “Is our own baby ugly?”

Managed Service Providers need to take a hard look at how they operate:  Are you meeting SLA’s?  Are your technical people properly utilized in activities that maximize their contribution to your bottom line?  Are your customers satisfied with your services?  Are your costs to serve in line with your revenues and profits?  Are you making the profits you should be?  Are you struggling with the integration and proper use of tools and software technologies to manage your operations?  Are you hitting all of your blocks, so to speak?

Of course, no business can answer yes to all of these questions.  There are always better, more efficient ways to do things.  As MSP’s, you need to take a hard look at your Infrastructure Management and IT Operations capabilities and be honest with yourself.  Could you do it better?  More cost effectively?  With a better SLA?  At a higher profit margin?  All while improving your customer satisfaction and driving increased stickiness with your clients?

The answer is YES.  There is a better way to deliver complex managed services.  Come talk to NetEnrich.  We can help you grow and scale your managed services business by taking the complex, difficult, and time consuming back-office IT operations off your plate, allow you to deploy your prized technical people into revenue and profit-generating activities, reduce your costs to serve your clients, and drive stronger customer relationships.

Stop trying to do everything yourself.  Here’s the 411 on NetEnrich.  Get more customers.  Get more done.  Let’s get to work.