Large Systems Integrators Should Embrace IT Operations Management

Today’s small- and medium-sized solution providers often rely on partnerships with managed services firms to meet the business requirements of their clients. Yet, this is not always the case for large-scale system integrators who can be more reluctant to go outside the company, especially when they believe that they have more than adequate resources to provide the services internally.

Realistically speaking, however, large-scale system integrators don’t always understand the high-costs and inefficiencies associated with providing managed services in-house, especially when it comes to IT operations management, and they face a common set of challenges that include:

  • Limited visibility into the traditional IT architectures and towers-based IT infrastructures they are managing for their enterprise clients;
  • Costly, disparate IT operations management tools that are quite often inefficient and don’t always communicate or share information;
  • An unsustainable high cost of labor, and demand for in-house resources that are needed to manage the constant stream of noise and alerts from the IT operations management tools;
  • Inconsistent SLAs; and,
  • Limited scalability to grow their managed services portfolio as their clients grow their businesses.

Fact is that large-scale system integrators can greatly benefit from partnering with trusted experts like NetEnrich, especially when it comes to IT operations management, and here’s why:

  • They can leverage resources and knowledge it does not possess internally to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its IT operations management services;
  • They can free up expensive L3 engineers and resources to focus on more strategic projects, while letting NetEnrich do the heavy lifting – monitoring blinky lights and putting out fires;
  • They can capitalize on opportunities to grow their business and make a profit by focusing on ways to be more strategic and innovative in their business practices. 

The bottom line – regardless of how you slice it, IT operations management is complex. And, with advancements in virtualization, cloud computing, mobility and now the Internet of Things, it is not going to get any easier. To be successful over the long term, large-scale system integrators must be careful not to overestimate their capabilities when it comes to IT operations management. If they are putting in more than they are getting out, or if it is becoming more of a headache than it is worth, then it’s time to look into other options, including the possibility of partnering with a trusted resource like NetEnrich to provide these services.

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– Justin Crotty