Managed/IT Services in Turbulent Times

Growth projections:

According to a recent survey conducted by Nemerte’s research about 60% of the participants said that they plan to increase their use of managed services in 2009. Some of the top drivers being budget cutbacks, shrinking staff, lack of specialized expertise and rising demand to support complex applications. In 2006, 27% of research participants were using some form of managed services. By 2008 that number had more than doubled to 65% and in 2009 60% of participants are expanding their use of managed services. Source: Network World .

Gartner too in one of its recent reports talks about an accelerated shift in IT services due to recession since the companies have to strictly conserve cash. Outsourcing hence is an alternate delivery model of choice.  This will also revive the traditional outsourcing models towards a new pricing model to access services based on per-user per monthor a per-unit per month basis.

Gartner also recommends that service providers accelerate their service offerings and pricing models to suit the requirements and demands of enterprise customers. And NetEnrich is doing just that with both enterprise and  managed services.

The Seismic Global NOC powered by sophisticated tools/technology and staff ensures the best service delivery experience to its VARs. Apart from a well defined NOC support system with L1, L2 and L3 engineers, flexible packages to support different VAR and user needs and a very competitive pricing model, the Seismic continuously strives to evolve its offering with new and dynamic programs. Our ‘fast, predictable and painless’ on-boarding has minimal steps to sign up and set-up our onsite manager in your environment. Apart from our standard Gold, Platinum and Platinum+ offerings, we very recently added the Remote Network Device Management service as an add-on service for network devices and switches.  

Our managed services are also expanding beyond the VAR channel to partner with datacenter service providers and technology vendors to provide integrated solutions. Click here to read more about our practice areas and service offerings within each.

And this you’ve probably already read before, the enterprise side of our services is driven by a people-processes-technology strategy supported by custom SLAs and flexible service offerings to meet our customer needs and very flexible engagement models. The service delivery framework is supported by Virtual Private Management Gateway – our exclusive technology to deliver a secure and compliant engagement.