Marketing Tips From The Trenches

We’ve been throwing a lot of business development advice toward you lately, but today we’d like to focus on one element – marketing. If you don’t tell potential customers why they need you, how you help them and why you are different from everyone else, well, they remain potential.  To help, we have three experts on tap for October webinars focused on marketing tips and tricks.

Join us Oct. 11 to hear from Marie Rourke, owner of WhiteFox Marketing, and Jennifer Anaya, VP of corporate marketing at NetEnrich. Then later in the month, Dennis Crupi, director of creative services for Ingram Micro, will share his experience with branding.

Until then, here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

  1. Share your branding message and goals with your entire organization so that it becomes part of your company’s corporate culture. All of your employees should be aware of and fully understand your brand (think Disney).
  2. Ask for dollars and help. Many vendors and distributors want to give you money,advice, creative resources and more so you can generate meaningful marketing materials…with one caveat, make them your own, reflecting your company’s bran
  3. Always have a call to action when you develop a marketing piece. It can be as simple as “like us on Facebook,” but it needs to be there.   And, there are a lot of cool marketing tools that will help you build landing pages or send out emails, measure their effectiveness and provide advice on ways to drive better results, our favorite is Hubspot.
  4. Remember: Simplicity sells.
  5. Offer incentives to your current customers to sing your praises, which helps build credibility and shows others (who don’t know you yet) that you are the real deal
  6. If you know an existing marketing piece sucks, don’t use it just because you have nothing else.

Ready to learn more? Mark your calendar for November 1st, 2011@9am PST

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