Melange de trois in 2010 – Virtualization, Cloud and the WAN landscape

Happy New Year to all!


Continuing from my previous post on the IT Infrastructure landscape in 2010, I will drill a little deeper into three specific areas which are going to clinch limelight this year. I added WAN Landscape in here as an offshoot of cloud computing and SaaS. If critical applications are hosted in the cloud, across an internet connection rather than through a private data center, the need to optimize delivery is clear to distinguish them from other web content and applications. Also many of these applications will be content rich, real time and bandwidth intensive as the use of Web 2.0 and gaming applications become widely utilized.


Looking at Virtualization: IDC predicts this market to grow at 26% in 2010. Flexible server pools will replace dedicated computers. With enterprise IT departments become increasingly concerned about their electric bills, virtualization offers one way to “green” the server room by consolidating the functions of several servers into a single machine. In many cases, a virtual machine running means one less physical machine in operation. Also, A GUI based, “single pane of glass” is the best solution to configure, manage, and maintain all hardware in the pool.  Administrators can move and/or balance loads, deploy server images to new hardware (local or remote), or even shut down unused resources for power savings. Virtualization of I/O is also crucial to make failover and high availability a part of any SLA.


To understand the WAN landscape, let’s review Gartner’s statistics on the worldwide market for application acceleration equipment. A compound annual growth rate of 12.22% with revenue of $4.27 billion in 2014 is forecasted by the research firm. There surely was a slump in 2009 for both buyers and suppliers but signs of greater spending are projected for the future. So while 2010 is going to be the ‘realization year’ for the cloud, WAN optimization is going to be the fundamental component for the successful delivery of cloud services. With this, enterprises will need to embrace the cost and scalability benefits of cloud computing while simultaneously continuing to meet employee standards for access and application performance. All of this means that internet and WAN are going to take new levels of importance and the most successful WAN optimization solution will utilize virtualization technologies.