NetEnrich introduces IT as a Service

Welcome to NetEnrich’s IT as a Service blog.

We all know about the kind of IT challenges faced by enterprises. One of them is IT being viewed as a cost center with strategic resources focused on routine maintenance in lieu of strategic activities. There are no across-the-board streamlined processes and these result in dysfunctional IT delivery. There are also a whole gamut of issues around inflexible pricing and ambiguous SLAs especially when dealing with very large traditional outsourcers or product vendors who are ‘low key’ on technology. To add to these are externalities such as constantly changing economic and business times which continuously redefine the scope of IT.

In an environment as dynamic as this, NetEnrich brings in its new IT delivery model as a new paradigm in global sourcing with its technology, people and processes mantra. This revolutionary model not only addresses the limitations faced by traditional methods but also provides an entirely new way of looking at IT infrastructure service delivery.

Skilled people, exclusive, automated and scalable technology and standardized processes. With these in place, IT as a Service allows ‘contextual’ activities to be delegated to service providers like us while you use those strategic resources with domain expertise for more revenue impacting projects. Clearly, you don’t want your business analysts and enterprise architects to monitor databases 24/7 even though it might be mission critical?

We have perfected the art of managing these non-core yet crucial tasks with this highly evolved model. Going one foot deeper to understand the components that make up IT as a Service:

Stringent SLAs, Globally Unified & Secure NOCs, Service Delivery Framework, Flexible & Non Intrusive Engagements, Right Skill on Demand on 24/7 basis, Scalable & Automated Technology, Predictable Costs, Consistent Quality of Service, Focus on Industry Standards are all intrinsic to IT as a Service.

I’ll talk about each of these in detail in my future blog posts. Stay tuned.