NetEnrich’s Remote DBA as a Service

Recently, NetEnrich hosted a webinar on remote DBA services as part of its IT as a Service offering. DBA services today are pretty ubiquitous and offered by several service providers. The most common hard sell being availability of remote DBA services on a 24/7 basis for zero downtime. Although, ‘24/7 ness’ is crucial for delivery, there are several other attributes that uniquely differentiate a best-in-class service provider from the ordinary ones in the herd. NetEnrich highlighted some of these unique variables with an exclusive emphasis on technology and the concept of secure NOCs which help to deliver services.

According to the TechRepublic’s survey, DBA services conducted by in-house personnel are prone to human errors due to lack of well defined processes. Adding to this mix is lack of challenge due to monotony or overstress due to the demand of maintaining databases 24/7, especially during peak hours. Not to mention, DBAs are very expensive. The average cost of hiring a DBA is usually between 100k-150k.

NetEnrich’s Remote DBA offerings address all these issues and more. Our solution comprises of exclusive VPMG and Shared Services technology to provide a highly automated and scalable alternative. NetEnrich’s Secure NOCs are globally unified to support our customers 24/7 and all these NOCs are staffed with skilled and certified engineers pooled from low cost regions. All processes are ITIL based and very well defined with reduced scope for human errors. Since most of this maintenance and administration is done on a remote basis, there is reduced spent on the DBAs. That in fact frees up some of the budget for enterprises to invest in core initiatives which is one of the basic premises of IT as a Service.

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