New Success Stories Highlight Benefits of Working with NetEnrich

NetEnrich’s online Resource Library is now featuring two new success stories — “NetEnrich Plays a Key Role in Haladon Technologies’ Worldwide Annuity Business,” and “NetEnrich helps Datasmith Networks with Big Ticket Business.”


Both successes highlight why these partners selected NetEnrich, and show how NetEnrich has enabled them to grow their businesses faster and expand their services. Haladon Technologies, for example, started out by seeking partnerships with several channel-focused IT services companies to achieve their service goals, and ultimately selected NetEnrich. Hal Krebs, CEO of Haladon Technologies says “From the beginning, we saw NetEnrich as having a business model and offering services that were complementary to ours. Offering their RIM and network operations center (NOC) support in a white-labeled service to our resellers hasbecome a key part of our overall offering.”  

Another valuable and unexpected benefit to doing business with NetEnrich, according to Krebs, has been the mindshare and support received from the company. “NetEnrich has helped us brainstorm and figure out new ways to serve our clients and grow our business.”

Netenrich Datasmith WEBFor Datasmith Network Solutions, it was their customer-first philosophy that led them to team with NetEnrich and provide Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services to its clients. “It was either build or buy,” says Datasmith Network Solutions Partner Paul Smith. “We could have attempted to ‘feed the beast’ by purchasing data center hardware and software, and then hire the engineering staff to run it, but that would have quickly become cost-prohibitive for a company of our size. NetEnrich allows us to be smarter about the business, and service our clients on a 24/7/365 basis, with confidence and sensitivity to cost. The relationship also enables us to service our clients as if we were a much larger company with virtually unlimited support experts on staff.”

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