New Year’s Resolutions for MSPs

With the start of 2014, MSPs in what is now a rapidly changing marketplace are taking time to plan for the coming year. An integral part of that planning process is identifying changes that will need to be made to address new market opportunities and react to challenges. As with all New Year’s resolutions, MSPs should take a few specific steps to prepare for the New Year:

  1. Resolve to fully examine the way you calculate the cost of delivering manages services. Are your margins in line with what they should be?  Are you getting returns on the investments you have made?
  2. Resolve to focus on your core competencies.  The days of being all things to all people are over. The world is too complex for this, and you must determine where you excel and where you should leverage partners to be successful.
  3. Resolve that management of hybrid environments is the differentiator. How are you addressing the delivery of a client experience when tasked with managing complex on-premise and cloud infrastructure environments? The offerings do not matter as much as your ability to manage them as a cohesive value-proposition for your clients.
  4. Resolve to spend more time selling and less time integrating.  Focus on growth and solving problems for your clients. Spend less time managing the point tools, technologies, and integrations.
  5. Recognize that RMM is dead.  RMM is an ingredient in delivery of services – it is not services.  The world has moved away from point tools, and as such you must resolve to adapt and expand your ability to manage complex hybrid environments.

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