Old-school vs. new-school – competitive differentiators in the MSP market

NetEnrich partners with Ingram Micro to deliver remote monitoring and management services with the Seismic Global NOC. Seismic provides complete managed solutions with various customizable packages to meet specific end customer needs with its own set of monitoring tools or by integrating with LPI.

According to the old-school fundamentals, it’s not all about providing advanced technology and flashy applications but just developing a solid differentiated/branded offering around managed service capabilities. Which means that there needs to be a well defined go-to-market strategy and a structured sales and marketing initiative around that.

That said, what goes into making a ‘well defined’ go-to-market strategy for unique service positioning? Don’t state-of-the-art tools and technology become integral to creating a valuable selling proposition? People, processes and technology are quintessential components of service delivery and it is imperative to highlight the superior technology to be a market leader.

Going back to CompTIA’s research, response times, data security, privacy and 24/7 uptimes are critical components to establish a niche. How do we ensure that these scale in every engagement unless we have a robust people-process-technology framework? A technology framework such that it provides the highest levels of security and compliance while delivering operational efficiency.

This is where NetEnrich/Ingram’s Seismic offerings bring in value to the VAR community with a trickle- down effect to the end user enterprises. More about the Seismic NOC in my next posting….