Cloud Service Providers

For Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), NetEnrich has multiple white-labeled offerings in assessment, migration, and management services for multiple clouds — Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Cloud assets that we manage include – backup, disaster recovery, application workloads, VMs, storage, IaaS, PaaS, and hybrid cloud footprints.

NetEnrich is a strategic partner of Microsoft on Azure and offers a wide-range of packaged services in assessment, migration, and management for Azure.


Today, CSPs Have Multiple Challenges on Microsoft Azure

Azure Expertise

How to build, train, & retain in-house technical Azure experts?

Toolkits & Scripting

How to get expertise in comprehensive scripting, automation, & tools?

Solution Design

How to plan migrations, and create solutions?


How to execute multiple projects at same time?


How to reduce turnaround times, increase rollouts, and offer predictable, high quality delivery execution?

Investments & Margins

How to lower significant upfront investments, reduce costs, & increase margins?


How to get a single-pane-of-glass view for monitoring with a unified management platform?

Risk Compliance

How to secure monitoring & management to ensure risk & compliance?


NetEnrich addresses all complexity, strategic, and economic needs for CSPs with its comprehensive suite of solutions, services, and products for Azure.

We provide all the technology, processes, and remote operational scale to deliver valuable outcomes for CSPs:


INSTANT GTM: Launch new cloud services fast – sometimes within a week

FASTER TIME TO MARKET: TTM reduced by up to 80%

LOWER INVESTMENTS: Investments reduced by up to 60%

EXECUTION RISK: Risk reduced by up to 30%

HIGHER MARGINS: Margins increased by up to 40%

BIGGER MARKET SHARE: Market share increased by up to 30%

ACQUIRE NEW CLIENTS: New clients increased by up to 25%

SCALE FASTER: Scale up to 10X