Large Service Providers

As a large service provider, or a ISV, or a hosting service provider, you want to deliver superior value to your customers in cloud services. NetEnrich enables you to offer new service lines in the cloud as well as quickly migrate your customers to Azure.


Large Service Providers, ISVs, & Hosters Face Many Challenges:


How to launch application workload migration and management offerings on Microsoft Azure instantly?


How to increase margins by leveraging industrialized and efficient services on Azure?


How to provide high quality services on Azure and increase CSAT to your customers?


How to grow business instantly using services on Azure that can scale seamlessly?


How to be first-to-know and first-to-report with 360 degree visibility into Azure services at customers’ hybrid cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure?


NetEnrich provides all the technology, processes, and remote operations scale to drive valuable benefits & results for service providers:

  • More Cost Effective – Up to 40% cost savings, cost avoidance, and economies for maintenance
  • Better Performance – Up to 40% better performance on Azure as compared to on-premise environment
  • High Scalability – Scale up to 10X fast — support multiple projects on Azure simultaneously
  • Easy Deployment – Changes to application can be easily migrated to Azure without downtime
  • Simplified Management – No unnecessary OS updates and administrative tasks
  • Continuous Availability – Application available 24×7 without downtime
  • Easy Onboarding of New Customers – Setting up new customers is smooth and easy
  • Comprehensive Backup – Backup for both application and data
  • High Security – High security and compliance (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, etc.,) for application and data