NetEnrich Outlines Five Business Technology Predictions for 2015


Tech Leader Encourages Enterprise IT to Embrace Digitalization and Modern IT Infrastructure to Play an Instrumental Role in Transforming The Business

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 22, 2014 – NetEnrich, announced five IT predictions it expects will lead the infrastructure & operations (I&O) teams of enterprise IT in 2015. According to NetEnrich CEO Raju Chekuri, these key business technology trends – which center on digitalization, modern IT infrastructure, IT automation, IT-as-a-Service Provider and the rise of niche providers – are emerging as a result of disruptive and innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, social and virtualization.

“Together these technologies are enabling businesses and IT professionals to do what they’ve wanted to do for years but simply couldn’t because the technology didn’t exist, or wasn’t mature enough to deploy and support across the entire enterprise,” says Chekuri. “In 2015, businesses and IT professionals must leverage these disruptive technologies to build and manage a modern IT infrastructure that will ultimately transform and automate their business processes to support a new era of digital business.”

As part of the digitalization movement, NetEnrich predicts the traditional corporate IT department will become far more strategic and service-oriented in 2015 and beyond. “The IT department, and the CIO specifically, will seek out an intelligent business operations platform that provides end-to-end visibility into business processes, applications and the related infrastructure. This will enable I&O teams to mature, stay relevant to the organization and adopt a next-gen operations model that positions them as a far more effective and strategic IT service provider to the business,” says Raghu Kamath, vice president, Customer Success, NetEnrich.

NetEnrich outlines the five business and technology trends as follows:

  • IT Embraces Digitalization: To keep up with the pace of innovation and the demands of the business and customers, IT must have clear visibility into business processes, its key performance indicators (KPIs) on the organization, as well as the applications which run these business processes and the related infrastructure. 
  • Disruptive Technologies Create Modern IT Infrastructures: The advent of big data and mainstream adoption of cloud, mobile, social and software defined datacenter solutions will enable enterprise IT to create and effectively manage a new age modern IT infrastructure.
  • IT Departments Become Service Providers: To create and support this new modern IT infrastructure, IT departments will leverage third-party technologies and providers to support the day-to-day operations and focus the internal team on innovation, development and service, with the goal of ultimately becoming far more strategic to the business as a service provider. 
  • IT Automation Begins to Dominate:  Businesses will leverage technology and third party providers to automate and manage IT operations and workflows, removing the mundane and routine maintenance from the “to do” list and focusing on using IT to accelerate business growth and become an enabler for the varying business units within the company.
  • Niche Providers Get Noticed: In 2015, niche technology and service providers will become binding agents for building a modern IT infrastructure. Market expertise, interoperability and integration will be paramount in evaluating these providers.

In 2014, NetEnrich enabled thousands of businesses and IT professionals to embrace digitalization and develop and support a modern IT infrastructure to transform and automate business process. The business grew by more than 60 percent year to date and is projecting its best year on record.

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