Reduce Costs and Scale Your Biz with Functional Sourcing

Justin CrottyMore and more businesses want to use a combination of cloud-based and on-premise technology solutions to meet their business needs. This desire, and in many cases need, for hybrid IT infrastructure is putting increasing pressure on MSPs and solution providers to not only support these offerings, but find new ways to optimize and cost-effectively manage modern IT environments.

The problem is this: Measuring the true cost of delivering remote infrastructure management services in a blended environment is tough without the right technology platform in play. And if everything isn’t accounted for accurately, an MSP’s margin-rich recurring revenue stream can quickly dry up and actually start costing the company money versus making it.

For example, one of the biggest drains on profitability is using expensive labor costs for routine and mundane activities such as alert triaging, validation and ticketing, troubleshooting, remediation and even coordination with 3rd-party vendor tech support. Yet, in many cases, expensive L3 engineers are handling these activities for a partner’s clients.

The good news here is – there’s an easy fix.  By simply automating a lot of the basic block and tackle IT activities within your services practice you can radically tip the scales in your favor. The impact is immediate and your highly skilled geeks will love you for doing it. Another perk to automation… once a service is truly automated, it can be easily tracked and measured.

At NetEnrich, we advocate IT automation and encourage channel partners to leverage our functional sourcing model – which is available through NetEnrich’s IT operations platform – to drive down costs, increase growth, scale your services and still maintain control of the user experience.

To learn more about how NetEnrich how NetEnrich’s IT operations platform can help your organization automate its routine and mundane infrastructure management processes, drop me a line at or visit

– Justin Crotty