Reduce the Cost of Doing Business with ILCS

Enterprise CIOs and IT managers are increasingly becoming proactive in their efforts to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of doing business. One of the ways that they are achieving this is through the use of Industrialized Low-Cost IT Services, or ILCS. This is an emerging concept that Gartner first put forth a couple of years ago, and one that is rapidly changing perceptions surrounding how to price and value IT services. So what does this all mean for you?  Let’s break this down…

It has only been within the last several years that IT enterprises across the globe have begun to realize that ILCS can be an effective way to reduce costs, increase financial flexibility, and demonstrate the business value of IT to key stakeholders including executive management, employees, investors and customers. And, through the cost savings made possible with ILCS, these organizations are also freeing up funds that can then be invested in more strategic IT projects and initiatives.

ILCS is based on standardized IT services that are pre-defined and pre-configured, and some of its key characteristics include:

  • Highly automated
  • Repeatable
  • Up and down scalability
  • Reliable
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Per unit, per month pricing

One example of ILCS is IT-as-a-Service, or ITaaS. Today, many IT enterprises are finding that the effective implementation of ITaaS is enabling them to operate more efficiently than they could by outsourcing their IT operations. And, by leveraging ITaaS, these same organizations have discovered that they are able to cut their IT operations costs by at least half. That is significant! 

NetEnrich’s Enterprise Command Center (ECC) is a ITaaS solution that enables CIOs and IT managers take control of their IT operations. We’ve engineered it so that IT is always among the “first-to-know” when IT outages occur, since the ECC can take care of full event management.  Plus, the first-level of incident support is also handled by the ECC. As a result, the IT department or solution provider is able to improve the performance, capacity and availability of the entire IT operations, and increase resource efficiencies. IT enterprises are leveraging NetEnrich’s ECC to:

  • Off-load routine and recurring functions such as event or incident management and proactive maintenance
  • Provision across multiple cloud infrastructure environments (private, public and hybrid)
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Become a more metrics-driven operations
  • Improve client and employee satisfaction

To learn more about how NetEnrich’s Enterprise Command Center can help you reduce the cost of doing business, while also helping you to transform the way you manage your IT operations, drop me a line at or visit

– Chris Joseph