Reduce Your Routine IT Spend to Invest in the Future

Cloud, virtualization and hybrid IT technologies are being used in small and large IT enterprises everywhere to achieve business goals and objectives. However, the proliferation of these technologies has placed enormous pressure on CIOs, who must ensure that these IT investments are delivering what has been promised.

Major initiatives such as increasing enterprise growth, delivering operational results and reducing costs are top of mind with today’s CIOs, and for good reason.  Expectations are high – especially when it comes to what IT can do for a business. And because the decision to buy is no longer exclusively the CIOs, a strong business case must be presented that appeals to a wider audience of influencers and decision makers. 

Another issue that is keeping a number of CIOs up at night is how to free up IT funds to invest in new and strategic IT projects such as cloud, virtualization and hybrid IT?  You can’t just have a whole fleet watching for blinking lights and waiting for something to fix, as it can quickly become expensive.

Gartner Spend Graph

According to Gartner, 80% of an enterprise IT budget is generally spent on routine IT, while only 20% of the IT budget is spent on new and strategic projects[1]. At NetEnrich, we’re working with our partners to flip that ratio by using our Vistara platform and our services to reduce spend with routine IT operations by 30-40%. By using our cloud-based remote infrastructure management solution, businesses are able to reduce their routine IT spend when they:

  1. Consolidate and integrate IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools
  2. Automate processes and runbooks
  3. Re-organize to a shared services model to exploit economies of scale and scope
  4. Use offshore delivery
  5. Institute best practices
  6. Use agile engagement models
[1] “Executive Report: Winning Asset Management Strategies.” Gartner, Inc.
Chris Joseph