Regain Control Over the “Shadow IT” in Your IT Environment

describe the imageFor years now, tech-savvy employees have been bypassing IT to get their hands on the latest and greatest technologies and applications. This trend is often referred to as “shadow IT” or “stealth IT” and it’s a problem for IT organizations of all sizes. Compounding the issue is quick and easy access that employees now have to public clouds, analytic, development, and collaboration tools via the Internet. With the click of a button, they can purchase and provision virtual machines (VMs) on public clouds, download apps, or even build their own apps using cloud-based tools, and deploy them on the cloud.

The negative effects of shadow IT are documented in the enterprise with recent research reports and industry surveys estimating that IT has effectively lost control of between 35% and 50% of the enterprise IT spend, with marketing, sales, accounting, HR and other departments regularly purchasing cloud services directly from cloud services providers – completely bypassing the IT department during the purchasing process. Yet, when major outages happen, or when these systems go down or troubleshooting is required, the IT team remains left holding the bag and often blamed for any system failures.

So what’s the fix?  The first step is to find a way for IT departments to regain control, not just over the spending, but how clouds and applications are provisioned and managed. This way, lines of accountability are made very clear.

At NetEnrich, we have a great solution for just that. It’s called the NetEnrich Enterprise Command Center (ECC) and it allows IT departments or service providers to provision all public, private and hybrid cloud services via a centralized dashboard.

Why is that important? Because that single pane of glass view keeps IT teams apprised of where cloud VMs are being spun up, where applications are being used, who is using them, how much is being used, and how they are performing.  That in turn, should put IT back in the driver’s seat and help eliminate the threat “shadow IT” and “stealth IT” purchases are having on the business.  If not, you can always just lock down the network and be the bad guy. We can help you there too!

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– Chris Joseph