Remote Infrastructure Management and the Data Center

NetEnrich’s Raghu Kamath recently contributed an article to Data Center Journal on how data centers can leverage remote infrastructure management to increase their value proposition. The article was originally pubished on January 9, 2013.

Traditionally, data centers have been a commoditized business, providing “nuts and bolts” services, including space, power, air conditioning and other functions needed to safely and securely house servers and other infrastructure equipment for organizations of all sizes.

With the proliferation of cloud computing and managed services, demand for reputable, high-performance data centers has grown, especially in the IT channel and among managed-service providers (MSPs) and cloud-service providers (CSPs). Those who are able to successfully evolve and adapt to the new demands and dynamics of the cloud have an unprecedented opportunity in front of them. But there are go-to-market choices to be made, and making the right decisions out of the gate will enable operators to cash in and maximize their investments and their revenues over the long haul.

Remote Infrastructure Management in the Data Center: It Makes Dollars and Sense

Data center operators understand that the success of their business is built on their ability to establish long-term, trust-based partnerships with their customers, which includes MSPs and CSPs. Once they prove their data center to be reliable—that it can be counted on to keep critical infrastructure components safe and secure—they are ready to take those partnerships to the next step.

Often, this step is achieved through premium services such as colocation, redundancy, back-up and data recovery (BDR), and contingency planning. Yet, what many data center operators might not realize is that by adding cloud-based remote infrastructure management (RIM) services to their portfolios, they can increase their value proposition to their customers and develop new recurring revenue streams that drive the sustainability of their businesses. Furthermore, their customers benefit from the peace of mind that comes from 24x7x365 management of all key infrastructure components, without increasing headcount or straining internal resources.

Cloud-based RIM offers a huge market opportunity for data center operators. In fact, a leading research firm predicts that within the next couple of years, a majority of North American companies will be using RIM services. Furthermore, studies by Indian IT research firm NASSCOM have indicated that the total market for RIM services is currently estimated to be between $80 billion and $120 billion, with the market expected to grow by 20 percent annually.