RMM Speak: What VARs want and which platform to choose?

If you are a managed solutions provider, RMM software probably is high on your radar since VARs are constantly asking you about which platform you use and what features it provides.


Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools are critical to any IT Service Provider who wants to create recurring revenue through managed services or take their managed services business to the next level. It’s no surprise that every MSP needs a PSA and RMM platform to succeed. But which platform to choose and how to choose it? Amongst the plethora of available RMM tools powered by N-able, Kaseya, LPI, Hounddog, IT control suite… the list seems endless and the choice not so easy. However, there are some key criterions to select the right platform for your service delivery needs.


Comparing some of the features might be a good way to start. Agent based vs. probe based, hosted or on-premise, support for security or back up services? Does the vendor offer operations and help desk services? Which server/desktop platforms can the tools monitor and manage? Does it integrate well with your current PSA system? It would be best to conduct a comprehensive survey with your current VAR community to understand their priorities and expectations from an RMM tool.


An industry research on RMM software was conducted online by GFI Max during June of 2009. The survey interviewed over 200 IT Support Companies and Managed Service providers about their satisfaction with the installation and running of RMM software, the necessary training, the pricing models and return on investment. The most valued features of RMM, according to respondents were server Monitoring, LAN & Windows monitoring, patch management and remote support. Top reasons for using RMM are to offer a faster fix response time and preventative maintenance. Also, RMM tools are used for preventive maintenance, cost savings and improving business margins. These should be useful data points to find the right RMM platform to partner with.


The detailed survey report on the usefulness of RMM tools for VARs  can be downloaded here.