SaaS Hosting and Enablement Market

Interesting perspectives from Mural Ventures weblog which says that the SaaS management and enablement space is becoming crowded with new entrants . Gone are the days when companies like Opsource and Navisite had a stronghold over this industry with their USPs.

According to Mural Ventures-“Current estimates from various sources are that there are 5,000 SaaS providers or SaaS-related vendors currently, and more being created/funded by the venture community every year, so the size of the SaaS Hosting market is increasing”

Considering that a lot of Managed Service Providers are now getting into SaaS hosting, the market is definitely getting competitive. But then there are some key differentiators which makes a service provider better? Also there is a mechanism for the ISVs to measure up one provider vs another and make the right choice.

Let’s explore this in a little more detail….