Take Control Over Your Entire Environment

“51% CIOs state they can no
longer keep pace
with change”*

“80% of IT budget, instead
of 60%, is spent on keeping
the lights on”*

“30% of IT I&O teams will be target for elimination or major cuts by 2017 – as business looks elsewhere”*

Automation-enabled, elastic, and skilled team to partner with yours

Award winning automation platform – cover entire environment

Big data repository and analytics for continual improvement

Peace of Mind

  • Risk mitigation from delivery PODs
  • Pure play, ITIL Team
  • Ten year knowledge base

Safety and Predictability

  • ITIL and ISO certified
  • Human error removed
  • True integration

Seat at the Business Table

  • Your resources on revenue projects
  • Utility like model
  • Business value dashboard

Enterprise Command Center Services

  • For IT leaders that need to address management challenges across their entire environment.
  • IT leaders that need to move their organization toward IT-as-a-Service Provider
  • Singular industrialized services cover the entire landscape from servers to networks to applications to clouds – public, private, and hybrid
  • Automation of basic processes with 360 degree control
  • Monitoring, management, and resolution of IT problems
  • Analytics for event correlation and aggregation and predictive intelligence for continuous improvement
  • Tools integration to popular monitoring, ITOM, and ITSM tools
  • Single pane of glass control and business value dashboard reporting
  • 70-80% of IT incidents resolved upfront
  • Mitigate risk in IT operations
  • Partner with your team to drive business innovation
  • Up to 100% performance improvement
  • Up to 40% shift of resource to strategic projects and business growth
  • Full tool integration – no need for rip and replace
  • First to know of IT problems
  • Capability and capacity to drive a business value dashboard

Lifecycle Optimization Services

  • For IT that faces challenges in specific technologies and need to accelerate ROI.
  • Industrialized services to provide infrastructure and operations management for lifecycle of on-premise technology and towers, such as: network, servers, virtualization, applications, and storage
  • Automation of basic processes
  • Monitor, manage, and resolve IT problems
  • Analytics for event correlation and aggregation and continuous improvement
  • Three service levels: from event monitoring and escalation and incident management all the way to deeper steps, vendor management, problem management and preventative measures – SmartEscalate, AID, and MANAGE
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Optimum ROI for technology management
  • Higher performance and lower risk

Cloud and Emerging Technology Management Services

  • For IT leaders who face challenges across cloud or other emerging technologies and need to drive business outcomes from them
  • Industrialized services to provide infrastructure and operations management for cloud (public, private, hybrid), emerging technologies , data centers, and DevOps (Development Operations)
  • Business and technical control to ensure positive outcomes
  • Intelligent Business Operations and business value dashboard
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Optimum ROI from investments in emerging technologies
  • IT control over cloud

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