A high volume of workloads are moving to Microsoft Azure and other public clouds such as AWS and Google Cloud. However, to assess, migrate, and manage workloads on public clouds is a complex task that involves hiring of expensive expertise. NetEnrich provides a comprehensive suite of services for assessment, setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure. Assets covered include backup, disaster recovery (ASR), VM instances, IaaS, PaaS, business application workloads, as well as EMS.

Our automated services are delivered to tight timetables, high SLAs, and unbeatable prices. End-clients and partners get 24×7 visibility into the status and health, and 24×7 support to answer service requests and questions.

NetEnrich Assessment Services for Microsoft Azure

Eliminate ambiguity in the path to cloud adoption with Azure Assessment Services

  • We assess and identify “best-fit” cloud migration strategies
  • Evaluate and identify applications to move to Azure
  • Determine target operating models, technologies, and processes needed
  • Provide compelling business case to migrate — low-risk and high-return




NetEnrich Setup & Managed Services for Backup and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure

State-of-the-art assessment, setup, migration, monitoring, & management services for backup and disaster recovery for Microsoft Azure

  • Identify what needs to be backed up, when it needs to happen, and how often
  • Implement backup and disaster recovery requirements



NetEnrich Migration Services for IaaS & Applications for Microsoft Azure

Move, or lift-and-shift server instances and/or applications with NetEnrich migration services for Azure

  • Understand business goals and requirements, analyze infrastructure, and create best possible plan for migration and deployment to Azure
  • Build, deploy, scale, and manage Azure-based server instances and applications
  • Integrate with other public cloud applications
  • Coordinate and manage migration to Azure with minimal downtime



NetEnrich Management Services for IaaS & Applications for Microsoft Azure

Monitor and manage Azure infrastructure for IT operations as well as for security and compliance

  • Manage Azure and other cloud facilities alongside traditional infrastructure (LAN, WAN, or Data Center) with “single-pane-of-glass” deployment, visibility, governance, and management model
  • Optimize Azure environments, virtual machines, and application workloads to get most out of Azure



NetEnrich Services for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Comprehensive solutions and services for rapid deployment of EMS

  • Setup and manage complete EMS suite
  • Redesign infrastructure to make it more simple, mobile, and secure



Advanced Cloud Services

Get assessment, migration, management, and optimization services for advanced clouds, SaaS, and technologies

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • Cloud, and container applications built using Mesos, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Hadoop, Cassandra
  • Aggregate multi-cloud resources, hosted on any public, private, or hybrid cloud in a single view
  • Implement DevOps