Security Operations Services



Can You Benefit From Our Security Operations Services?

  • Are you a Chief Information Security Officer(CISO) in an enterprise?
  • Is your company facing a high level of security threats and attacks on your digital perimeter and applications – e.g. e-commerce, email, multi-channel apps, etc.,?
  • Does your in-house IT staff spend too much time on day-to-day operational security issues and fire-fighting?
  • Do you lack in-house security expertise to keep pace with compliance requirements, emerging threats, and changing business demands?
  • Are you seeking capabilities to effectively monitor and manage your security infrastructure?
  • Do you depend on IT security tools to solve security issues?
  • Are you attempting to put together an ad-hoc security organization, or sourcing expensive security consultants and tools to secure your digital perimeter and applications from security threats and attacks?


We Deliver – Security Operations Services & Benefits:

Security operations services for the enterprise that:

  • Manage and thwart security threats and attacks on an enterprise’s digital perimeter and applications
  • Provide ongoing security expertise to keep pace with changing compliance requirements, emerging threats, and changing business demands
  • Provide capabilities to effectively monitor and manage your security infrastructure
  • Take care of day-to-day operational security issues 24×7
  • Provide the right IT security tools to solve security issues


Security Operations Services Offering:

  • Managed Services for Security Operations:
    • 24x7x365 security monitoring
      • Security monitoring and incident management
      • End-point monitoring — anti-virus and malware
      • Security reporting – both real-time and periodic
      • Compliance reporting (PCI, DSS, HIPAA)
    • Managed security devices
      • Security devices management – firewalls, IDS, IPS, secure web gateways, WAFs
      • SIEM (security information and event management) & log management
      • Identity and access management
  • Professional Services for Security Operations:
    • Vulnerability management
      • Vulnerability assessments
      • Penetration testing
      • Web application security testing
      • Security configuration management


Key Outcomes of Our Security Operations Services

  • Improved ROI:
    • Optimize and save security costs by outsourcing security operations that are both capital- and labor-intensive
    • Reduce budgets by leveraging NetEnrich’s investments in latest technology and trained security resources
  • Enhanced security posture:
    • Leverage comprehensive managed security services to manage security risks effectively
    • Leverage skilled resources, well-defined processes, and leading edge security technologies to respond swiftly to all security threats
  • Regulatory & policy compliance:
    • Comply easily with applicable security policy requirements and regional regulations relating to issues such as log retention, data protection, data privacy, etc.,
  • Business aligned reporting:
    • Obtain an integrated view of all threats and vulnerabilities in environment
    • Leverage performance and compliance dashboard for effective decision making relating to security


Our Key Difference:

  • Security Operations Center of Excellence:
    • Security operations manned by highly skilled and experienced certified security experts 24x7x365
    • Integrated performance management system to manage all security experts effectively and efficiently
  • Robust process framework:
    • Strong process framework in governance, operations, and ITIL to deliver effectively on security operations lifecycle
  • Best in class technology:
    • Use of latest and best-in-class technology in security operations to ensure that clients always enjoy cutting edge innovations and advantages in security
    • Scalable architecture
  • Flexible transition methodology
    • Flexible transition methodology to transition security monitoring and management streams from a variety of technologies, devices, and tools in environment
    • Process maturity that provides world class security monitoring and management of security infrastructure, while ensuring risk and compliance are managed effectively
  • Seamless vertical integration to NetEnrich infrastructure management services and IT operations management services


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