Strategic technologies in 2010 – how is NetEnrich positioned?

Gartner in its most recent press release press release announces the top 10 hot technologies for 2010. These are technologies which are going to have a significant impact on enterprises in the next 3 years. Leading the charts are cloud computing followed by reshaping/transforming datacenters, security/activity monitoring, virtualization and many more. Note that I’ve only mentioned technologies where NetEnrich is a player and is geared up to make a big impact by entering the market at the right time.


Security and monitoring have always been one of our primary areas of focus both for our enterprise customers and managed service partners. With investments in advanced monitoring tools and home grown technology, we are able to provide a range of monitoring and alerting services for all devices, applications and platforms. The most elemental benefit for datacenter service providers has been our ability to provide 100% security and complete transparency for audit controls. NetEnrich has also initiated Datacenter Transformation as a practice area to help service providers add a layer of hosted solutions over providing rackspace for devices.

Another right time move is NetEnrich’s entry into the world of cloud computing and virtualization. I guess at this point, everyone is riding the hype cycle on cloud-based services and now that Gartner rates it as no 1, there’s definitely going to be a bigger buzz about it. NetEnrich was already a player in this space with its offerings for managing a complex SaaS hosted environment for a hi-tech internet security provider. With this experience and more, it is ready to launch similar cloud based offerings for IT infrastructure, applications and platforms for customers hosted in datacenters. More to follow…