System Integrators and the Enterprise Cloud: Partner or Build Your Own?

In the past, system integrators have done well for themselves in designing IT systems and infrastructure, selling and installing the underlying products, and providing ongoing professional support. Now, with the cloud changing expectations of what IT can do for midmarket and enterprise businesses, system integrators are faced with how to evolve to meet demands for more complex cloud infrastructures that address automation and business productivity. 

Should system integrators enter the cloud services arena through a traditional approach, investing heavily in developing infrastructure, applications and expertise capacity to deliver both common and complex cloud and IT services? Or, should they choose to forego infrastructure development and partner with infrastructure and application specialists that have the expertise and capacity to deliver IT services?


In the latest NetEnrich Guest Blog post for Talkin’ Cloud, Justin Crotty explains how the economics of cloud computing can be both simple and complex. While system integrators can achieve recurring and sustainable revenue streams, the cost of building and maintaining cloud and service capacity is often prohibitive. To overcome this hurdle, Crotty encourages system integrators to partner with specialist companies like NetEnrich, who can provide them with infrastructure and lower start-up costs that enable them to quickly enter and scale their enterprise cloud computing businesses to achieve a faster return on investment.