NetEnrich delivers industrialized services predominantly in a shared services factory model. Its service factories are highly automated not just to generate efficiencies, but also provide higher quality and faster services. Our service factories further leverage a global remote delivery model to generate even more efficiencies.

Organizations are struggling to find ways to spend less and achieve more with fewer resources. The requirement is for operational models which better support organizational strategic direction and business outcomes. A good operating model helps to seamlessly connect, interact and respond to customers, consumers, suppliers and resources worldwide. The industrialized shared services factory is one such model. Rather than use dedicated “bodies” to deliver services, flip the switch to deliver services via an industrialized shared services model that leverages extensive automation to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase speed of processes.


  • High degree of automation of services, runbooks, processes, and workflows
  • Increased scale and scope economies
  • Improved cross-functional data integration and visibility
  • Responsiveness to new markets, new customers and acquisitions
  • Improved service delivery
  • Innovation across cross-functional and global services
  • Better use of technology and skills across functions
  • Improved business insight to enable better decision making